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On 02/10/19 Downloads 10 Votes 0 Rating
by Paige/Winz
PROJECT 01010000 01010010 01001111 01001010 01000101 01000011 01010100 SPARKY 01010011 01010000 01000001 01010010 01001011 01011001 mIRC Version 7.55 Designed by: Paige Coded ...
On 02/06/19 Downloads 3 Votes 0 Rating
by Loveness\Sash (Korona)
Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it wh...
On 02/05/19 Downloads 6 Votes 0 Rating
by Paige
I have made significant changes to the Aliens user friendliness, graphics, and funcuality. Hence advanced it to v11. Please use this latest version, in preference to the recent ve...
On 01/19/19 Downloads 12 Votes 0 Rating
by Paige
Moody,Gothic,Batman themed script for SPCN , in the old style. It's got slideshow, batman vids; all the gear. Socketless ,reliable. Read the sidebars helpers (?) it only takes a min...
On 01/01/19 Downloads 17 Votes 0 Rating
by Winz
;YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD ANY CODE TO ACTIVATE ;THE DIALOG, SIMPLY LOAD IT IN REMOTES AND ;HOP YOUR ROOM ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;UPDATE VERSION 1.5;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Semi-Stable;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; /* GUNicklist now includes a room user c...
On 12/24/18 Downloads 23 Votes 0 Rating
by Winz
Please read the ReadMeKiss.txt file included for changelog info (If you are like me and want to dive right in you can call up the readme file by typing /readme - If you already dow...