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On 03/20/17 Downloads 580 Votes 2 Rating
by D33j4y/Paige
IP's updated to match the current servers.
On 08/22/16 Downloads 646 Votes 0 Rating
by Dryden Neo & Spike1506 fixed by TacticalThunder
Updated Sercencer script made by Dryden Neo & Spike1506 for Sparkpea Chat Network with Lucifer's Sparkz V2 Beta Connection and SuperTrivia preinstalled! Fixed 08-21-2016 by TacticalThunder
On 11/07/15 Downloads 311 Votes 0 Rating
by Neophyte
Menus edited and changed after connection change. Please scrap the original script and use this one.Ty. Just follow the status screen instructions when you first start script, Afte...
On 11/15/14 Downloads 1,155 Votes 2 Rating
by Pent
Ok so Obituary although functional doesn't have really any thing for preventing scrolling, kicking, de-ownering and/or any thing else that can be a nuisance. Death Wolf by Pent has...
On 08/01/13 Downloads 671 Votes 0 Rating
by Neophyte
A simple to use, basic script for Sparkpea chat. Would suit a newcomer to sparkpea or someone who wants a basic script to add to. Having said that, it has all you basically need, w...
On 05/16/13 Downloads 488 Votes 0 Rating
by Paige
Script made for the Sparkpea chat network using the 0piate connection by malicious! Script navigation and setup makes things simple for those who are new to using scripts! 0piate f...