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On 05/21/13 Downloads 495 Votes 0 Rating
by Raffaele
mIRC Script Italian, dedicated to the dragon, good utilities, and various commands for user, admin, etc. ..
On 09/14/12 Downloads 575 Votes 0 Rating
by VxD
mIRC GUI 8 graphics engine This addon is able to customize certain aspects of the mIRC client from version 7.xx - Nicklist (manages the colors, the 'background image, icons, cu...
On 05/24/12 Downloads 463 Votes 0 Rating
by Ar3S
Possiamo dire che Ar3S sa il fatto suo. Con poche funzioni ... tra l'altro fatte da lui stesso, riesce a farmi dire che è uno script ben realizzato con un ottimo gestore temi pe...
On 05/24/12 Downloads 775 Votes 0 Rating
by Ice_Boy
FlIrT Edition ScrIpT è uno script che si presenta con un aspetto gradevole e carino adeguato al tema che lo script propone. Lo script sarebbe di buon livello per le funzioni che...
On 04/15/12 Downloads 453 Votes 0 Rating
by _Terror [K] ing_
A script is well-made note of commitment _Terror [K] ing_ which I followed all his works and this is an excellent chapter in which the end of his saga.
On 04/15/12 Downloads 512 Votes 0 Rating
by X-Tag
ript by X-Tag with nice graphics and things needed to be great to chat without problems ... in short, a simple script and immediate