On 04/22/13 Downloads 452 Votes 0 Rating
by Acheronâ„¢
Script for Phreik Chat Network.
On 04/22/13 Downloads 481 Votes 0 Rating
by Ozzy10
Original Kenobi script updated to work on Phreik Chat
On 04/22/13 Downloads 390 Votes 0 Rating
by Daniel
Dialog containing many options for phreik chat. Includes protections, access, etc.
On 04/22/13 Downloads 398 Votes 0 Rating
by Devil Never Cry
Updated script for Phreik Chat
On 04/22/13 Downloads 421 Votes 0 Rating
by unknown
Updated to work with the Phreik Chat Network
On 04/22/13 Downloads 572 Votes 0 Rating
by Guide_Sbrina & Acheron
===== || Game Bot Ocx and Flash by Guide_Sbrina & Acheron ===== CREDITS & Aknowledgments ===== || Gamebot || ===== All in Script Creation Room.. Nothing but a Game Mirc that works for all ocx and flash Room modes and so much more Main Dialog done by Acheron ||Hangman Redone by Sabrina || Trivia and Frenzy Included Any other codes have credits in file ===== || HOPE YOU ENJOY || =====