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On 08/06/06 Downloads 799 Votes 0 Rating
by eXonyte modified by ĐЈ√™
This is the official return and end of my involvement in the Vincula EZR series! Special thanks goes out to KnightRider and Cryton for their help as well! Includes Aop, roomlister ...
On 05/30/06 Downloads 1,131 Votes 0 Rating
by Vexation,Cryton
Well first of all things NüclearMsn can customise nicks now.I have cleared many things i request all NüclearMsn users to read the nuclear readme file and Nuclear mrc file before ...
On 04/29/06 Downloads 986 Votes 0 Rating
by Cryton
Core-msn version 4.5.2 has been updated to connect and its with latest nuclear msn connection(6.2.0a).I made some updates with nuclear msn connection as well as with core-msn scrip...
On 04/16/06 Downloads 1,025 Votes 0 Rating
by eXonyte\\Warrior124
Vincula Rage 2 is now completely ocxless. More security has been added as well as "Chat Guardian" which edits out words you want it to look for. This time, Vincula Rage is modde...
On 04/16/06 Downloads 1,483 Votes 0 Rating
by Gwen
Updated Connection using the TGK's Vincula PPUpdater, and a modified version of TGK's Vincula Room Creation. Works with mIRC 6.16, 6.17, and the various windows versions. T...
On 04/14/06 Downloads 1,010 Votes 0 Rating
by eXonyte/X-Fusion
Vincula 4.9(Edited) has been reupdated due to MSN's recent server switch. Added The Gate Keepers updater for easy use. To use the updater type /update -s for subscription or /upda...