Category: Sparkpea Connections


On 09/13/14 Downloads 961 Votes 1 Rating
by Raditz aka RacerX
i redownloaded my old spcn script the other day i was checking all the stuff i had in its folder and i notice that i coded a connection 3 - 4 years ago i never finished it but ...
On 04/19/13 Downloads 366 Votes 0 Rating
by Roo
Nicely built connection made for Sparkpea Chat Network which includes the current lookup finds IP information. Fixed 10-19-2011 by TacticalThunder
On 04/19/13 Downloads 494 Votes 0 Rating
by TacticalThunder
Script connection for Sparkpea chat network by malici0us`! Updated for server changes along with other improvements! Does not include mIRC Fixed on 10-19-2011 by d33j4y to inclu...
On 04/19/13 Downloads 588 Votes 0 Rating
by Syn!x!
Sparkpea connection with just the basic functions included.
On 04/19/13 Downloads 410 Votes 0 Rating
by DaWizard
Basic connection made by DaWizard for the Sparkpea Chat Network
On 04/19/13 Downloads 372 Votes 0 Rating
by Rift
A connection made for Sparkpea Chat Network by Rift. Includes help files to explain how the connection works and comes bundled with mIRC 6.35. Fixed by d33j4y to include the necess...