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On 04/29/13 Downloads 715 Votes 0 Rating
by Tat
Tats Trivia is a trivia game (quiz bot) written in MSL and to be run in mIRC. After the script has been installed, the trivia game output can be customized to match the bot owners ...
On 04/28/13 Downloads 818 Votes 0 Rating
by various sources combined by err0r
Over 1,700 new questions/answers file for Trivia.
On 09/09/10 Downloads 754 Votes 0 Rating
by Pete®tje
mIRC Trivia Addon. Read help files for how to load and use.
On 09/08/10 Downloads 876 Votes 0 Rating
by AlexRapso
Different way of playing roulette, the first player who makes a bet sets off the bets then after 60 seconds the roulette is spun. Commands: !New !Money/!Money (Nick) !Reset ...
On 08/11/10 Downloads 848 Votes 0 Rating
by Paranoia
This is a pretty simple game I threw together at the request of some guys in my channel. You pick a person to bomb, and the script will give them 45 seconds and 1 chance to cut the...
On 09/19/08 Downloads 746 Votes 1 Rating
by used to be rdnck now im twist (blushings version and a few others mixed)
if error would plz put the credits here again(thx) this is the updated.this has everything fixed.i appologise to all who tryed the last one i had noone to beta test this.^wfstart w...