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On 08/01/03 Downloads 474 Votes 0 Rating
by -¤Antoni¤-
Vincula 4.8 Connection translated into French
On 07/05/03 Downloads 516 Votes 0 Rating
by Micky Minuz
Script Alarm, for your script edit and transalate by Micky
On 07/05/03 Downloads 470 Votes 0 Rating
by -¤Antoni¤- (eXperT TeaM)
Vincula Neo 4.7.1 translated into French by -¤Antoni¤- from The
On 06/26/03 Downloads 558 Votes 0 Rating
by Toast edited by Flen
Script detection and kick addon by toast translated into French
On 06/15/03 Downloads 502 Votes 0 Rating
by Quicky
Vincula Script Connection by eXonyte Edited by Quicky into the Dutch Language
On 06/06/03 Downloads 599 Votes 0 Rating
by Michelle
Vincula Script Connection by eXonyte Edited by Michelle into the German Language. mIRC Included