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by Mike
This is a very simple, easy to use Chat Room Manager for Sparkpea's new IRCwx chat service. It is mostly ran on dialog code which includes a Authentication dialog for joining and c...
On 02/12/18 Downloads 69 Votes 0 Rating
by paige/SEC
Super-Socketless Conn (From Travis and Winz ) so its quick. A combined effort from SEC and myself. Many thanx. Now i can go back into hibernation.. o hang on, its spring already......
On 01/03/18 Downloads 75 Votes 0 Rating
by emperor
This is a revamp & update of the emperor script that I submitted in June. It also has a READ ME txt file which I hope you read and it also will give as much information on this script as possible. I would like to say thank you to err0r for the updated Moschino Connection & also the Ghost Kicker.