Category: Sparkpea Scripts (ircwx)


On 12/24/18 Downloads 13 Votes 0 Rating
by Winz
Please read the ReadMeKiss.txt file included for changelog info (If you are like me and want to dive right in you can call up the readme file by typing /readme - If you already dow...
On 12/17/18 Downloads 8 Votes 0 Rating
by Paige
This is a moschino version of -ZAP- script, called ZAP2, with alternative graphics, dialogs etc., so its a script in its own right. It seems just as fast as -zap- which was a socke...
On 02/12/18 Downloads 75 Votes 0 Rating
by paige/SEC
Super-Socketless Conn (From Travis and Winz ) so its quick. A combined effort from SEC and myself. Many thanx. Now i can go back into hibernation.. o hang on, its spring already......
On 01/03/18 Downloads 80 Votes 0 Rating
by emperor
This is a revamp & update of the emperor script that I submitted in June. It also has a READ ME txt file which I hope you read and it also will give as much information on this script as possible. I would like to say thank you to err0r for the updated Moschino Connection & also the Ghost Kicker.