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On 05/21/17 Downloads 403 Votes 0 Rating
by JD
This passport updater is the final MSN Chat passport updater to be released. It still works as expected, and is much quicker than it used to be It CAN grab PassportTicket and...
On 12/23/15 Downloads 430 Votes 0 Rating
by see help file
This is not the lates build (the latest build 2.0.151 has several bugs), but is the last optimal and non-bugs build. Changes since 1117 [general] moved the include for map's...
On 08/28/15 Downloads 432 Votes 0 Rating
by DragonHeart1
this is just some mirc dlls with the aliases already coded to them making this easier on coders for all networks who don't want to take the time to manually code each aliases so no...
On 04/11/14 Downloads 613 Votes 0 Rating
by OpenSSL
openssl dll's needed by mIRC to connect to irc via ssl. These are version 1.0.1g so not affected by the heartbleed bug. Compiled using Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7.
On 06/06/13 Downloads 673 Votes 0 Rating
by Ivan Zvolsky aka zvold
This dll ads emoticons to mirc. This version is a beta version built for mirc 7+
On 05/01/13 Downloads 634 Votes 0 Rating
by David Schor
mSLDev is a free, state-of-the-art, integrated development environment for mSL specifically designed for mSL scripters. mSLDev was designed from the ground up to provide mSL s...