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On 11/07/18 Downloads 41 Votes 0 Rating
by danger
Zombie Script Has Following Options/Functions:: (1) Protection Bot (If Your Owner/Host Of Channel) (2) Guest Connection For Main & Protection Bot (Connects As Guest If No Passport Is Set) (3) Custom Command System (Anything Possible) (4) Adminlist (Needed To Control Custom Commands) (5) Aop [+o/+q] Local/Global (With Mass Add/Clear/Channel Block) (6) Flood Protection [Main/Protection Bot) (With Channel Block) (7) Custom Nicknames Or Passport Default (8) Debug Windows For All Incomming Data | Main/Protection Bot Sockwrite | All Sockwrite (If Enabled) (9) Auto Join With Auto Add/Remove Options) (10) Custom Unicode Nick Options (Using "!alt1-66" In Nickname To Use) (11) Buzzen Roomlister (Script/Webchat Joins|Copy: Room Name/Webchat URL) (12) Can Be Easily Modifed To Work On Any ircWX Server
On 04/20/13 Downloads 851 Votes 0 Rating
by Knightrider
Script by Knightrider based on SoulFly 1.6 which includes an Aop, Super Trivia and other features. some fixes from faith and solice as well!
On 04/20/13 Downloads 745 Votes 0 Rating
by Andy306
GENESIS for Buzzen V2 [Flash IRC] original author †PÅP681† modified by Andy306 is ready for download. GENESIS V2.3 will be using Dabbas Moschino[FlashBuzzen]Standa...
On 04/20/13 Downloads 650 Votes 0 Rating
by JW
A rendition of Dabba's Moschino FlashBuzzen 2.37 full connection script modded by JW with added Super Trivia and various other chatroom related interactive games
On 04/20/13 Downloads 538 Votes 0 Rating
by Toast updated by BytchAmy
I felt no need to change all of Toasts codes & then call it a remake of the original, So i left all codes the same but updated them to work on Flash Buzzen leaving the intergrity & hard work Toast put into it. Once again an old classic is back, enjoy. Original script creator Toast updated by BytchAmy.
On 04/20/13 Downloads 683 Votes 0 Rating
by Solar
This is the Final Nightmare script by Solar. It has been fun to do this last Nightmare. I have a Lot of help from Lot of friend's. Like to thank Blade for taken time with me when S...