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On 04/20/13 Downloads 844 Votes 0 Rating
by Knightrider
Script by Knightrider based on SoulFly 1.6 which includes an Aop, Super Trivia and other features. some fixes from faith and solice as well!
On 04/20/13 Downloads 741 Votes 0 Rating
by Andy306
GENESIS for Buzzen V2 [Flash IRC] original author †PÅP681† modified by Andy306 is ready for download. GENESIS V2.3 will be using Dabbas Moschino[FlashBuzzen]Standa...
On 04/20/13 Downloads 633 Votes 0 Rating
by JW
A rendition of Dabba's Moschino FlashBuzzen 2.37 full connection script modded by JW with added Super Trivia and various other chatroom related interactive games
On 04/20/13 Downloads 534 Votes 0 Rating
by Toast updated by BytchAmy
I felt no need to change all of Toasts codes & then call it a remake of the original, So i left all codes the same but updated them to work on Flash Buzzen leaving the intergrity & hard work Toast put into it. Once again an old classic is back, enjoy. Original script creator Toast updated by BytchAmy.
On 04/20/13 Downloads 678 Votes 0 Rating
by Solar
This is the Final Nightmare script by Solar. It has been fun to do this last Nightmare. I have a Lot of help from Lot of friend's. Like to thank Blade for taken time with me when S...
On 04/20/13 Downloads 602 Votes 0 Rating
by BytchAmy
All proper credits in place, this is a complete protection script by BytchAmy with trivia & some of the best room controls avaliable it has everything one needs to run a room efficiently & effectively. Something new added to scripts is the multi whisper box, so no matter how many people you talk to or how many rooms you are in you can have several people in one whisper box & it has a really fast new connection made by Tewl, Edited by Commander Acid.