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On 04/24/06 Downloads 1,012 Votes 0 Rating
by Warrior124
VRUpdate Multi-Con supports four of the most popular connections. Vincula (All versions), White Widow, ClearMSN, and NuClearMSN. Updates are automatic. If you don't yet have a give...
On 04/20/06 Downloads 1,061 Votes 0 Rating
by Warrior124
Updated to support all Vincula file names. VRUpdate was specifically made for Vincula Type Connections. Special Thanks to The Gate Keeper for the room creation code used in thi...
On 04/12/06 Downloads 807 Votes 0 Rating
by JD & Sky
SSL Updater Works with the April 06 Login Server Updates. Work-Around for mIRC Internal SSL Sockets Bug (/sockopen -e) Fast speed, Two sockets. This does NOT connect via a p...
On 10/31/05 Downloads 904 Votes 0 Rating
by Vulcan
Full credential updater for MSN Chat, MSN Groups and FHN Chat. Gets Ticket, Profile, Subinfo, Cookie and UserRole for single or multiple accounts. Includes numerous features such a...
On 01/30/05 Downloads 1,346 Votes 0 Rating
by SudsyUncle
Cookies grabber for M$NChat. Grabs all needed cookies. Works for both Groups Chat and Main rooms. Very simplistic in design. Written in VisualBasic.
On 07/16/04 Downloads 1,433 Votes 0 Rating
by zBrute
Uses sockets to retrieve info. Very stable and very fast