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On 11/15/09 Downloads 755 Votes 0 Rating
by err0r
SoulFly version of my custom nicklist. Uses SoulFly's built in unicode decoder. Please open and view the README file for further information.
On 11/11/09 Downloads 3,862 Votes 4 Rating
by Travis
Updated SoulFly for Buzzen. Check sf_version.txt for all the updates. Please note this version does not work with mIRC versions above 6.35 You will need to add the mIRC.exe t...
On 10/18/09 Downloads 950 Votes 0 Rating
by Unknown - edited by Travis
Word Frenzy for Buzzen network using the SoulFly mIRC connection. Edited to be bug free on Buzzen w/ SoulFly.
On 10/18/09 Downloads 758 Votes 0 Rating
by Petertje
Super Trivia by Petertje Edited to work on Buzzen with the SoulFly connection. For SuperTrivia support, visit: For SoulFly support, visit: h...
On 10/18/09 Downloads 642 Votes 0 Rating
by Travis
Messages the room your custom message for all common events. Send message, action text or room notice. Store a different custom message for each room. Made for the SoulFly...
On 08/18/09 Downloads 967 Votes 1 Rating
by Assorted Authors compiled by Jen
A Games Script for Buzzen V2. Compiled by Jen. * Scraboggle added Nov.15th 2008 Includes: Scraboggle SuperTrivia 5.0 Word Frenzy 4.0 Cal Single & Boo's GamePack GamesPack v3 added 7/26/09 Family Feud added 8/18/09 Comes with the latest SoulFly connection.