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On 04/18/12 Downloads 761 Votes 1 Rating
by VxD
PLUG-IN for mIRC 7 Attributes: Popups mIRC color, image background, icons, trasparency, personalized manner using the DCX library.DLL Compatibility: This addon is designed...
On 03/20/12 Downloads 726 Votes 1 Rating
by SEC
This emote dialog is based on ChatCore's emotes, but most servers use pretty much the same ones, give or take a few. It is self contained and should work in most mIRC scripts. If...
On 03/05/12 Downloads 927 Votes 1 Rating
by Paul and Gabriel
Custom DCX WebChat addon  NOTE: This snippet was built in mIRC 7.22 and using a dev build of dcx.dll, in order to use it in older mirc prior to 7 you will have to swap the dcx....
On 03/17/11 Downloads 720 Votes 0 Rating
by FroggieDaFrog
This script will let you extract a specified .zip file to a specified directory.
On 03/04/11 Downloads 1,214 Votes 0 Rating
by Andy Carvell
MSN messenger for mirc. Lots of updates and new features February 2011 - Complete unicode compliance - this means that 'foreign' characters now work 100% correctly. - "Use...
On 02/10/11 Downloads 611 Votes 0 Rating
by Haddock
This is an update of the $ansi2mirc function, which doesn't quite convert the ansi colours properly. Use $ansi2mirc2(text) to convert ansi colour-coded text to mirc colours.