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On 11/21/11 Downloads 616 Votes 1 Rating
by Doegel GmbH
In addition to a number of changes to the virtualization engine, file associations and links are now possible for the first time, and can be configured during the virtualization pr...
On 07/13/11 Downloads 597 Votes 0 Rating
by ThatGuy
Maybe it's because I don't have all the fonts I used to have, but most of the chr list on tg007 is 'place holder' characters. I also noticed the control codes (ctrl+k, ctrl+u, etc...
On 12/28/08 Downloads 708 Votes 2 Rating
by SeRDaR406
Easy to use mIRC Toolbar designer. Unfortunately, the help files are in Turkish.
On 11/15/08 Downloads 858 Votes 1 Rating
by F*U*R*B*Y*
basic IRC Bot with a few commands. Commands are: !sayit - The bot just repeats your message. !md5 - The bot just says the md5 sum of your message. How to run it, you ch...
On 03/02/03 Downloads 4,704 Votes 0 Rating
Program used to build dialogs
On 03/02/03 Downloads 4,167 Votes 0 Rating
Program used to build MDX dialogs