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On 04/19/13 Downloads 429 Votes 0 Rating
by TacticalThunder
This is a nice little trivia script by Davey_Boi UK using the 0piate^3.5 Final OCXless connection by malici0us and was highly recommended by Chain as a nice addition to Evolution S...
On 04/19/13 Downloads 455 Votes 0 Rating
by ColdStalker
cOld stalk3r by Terminal Access is a User Search Engine for locating people connected to SPCN Servers, An Advanced Supped Up Find A Friend if you'd like to call it that. cOld stalk...
On 04/19/13 Downloads 420 Votes 0 Rating
by Admin SpeakEasy
Font dialog add-on for Sparkpea Chat Network by Admin SpeakEasy!
On 11/09/09 Downloads 740 Votes 1 Rating
by Abek
this file is case sensative - i.e if the nick name is Abek you cant use abek .. use Abek . have fun:$
On 07/22/09 Downloads 872 Votes 2 Rating
by Raditz aka RacerX
ust a simple raw banlist with popups & onjoin for use for sparkpea chat it kicks on +q/+o, i also made an banlist scan to show listed users works only on 6.20 - 6.35 of mirc havn't tryed it lower than 6.20 could work tho just remove $style(1)) This Update Will Stop Listed Userz From Regaining +q/+o 1 error was found, i'll made a while loop to clear access Note: This is my Last Update Have Fun & Enjoy ~ Raditz
On 06/22/09 Downloads 783 Votes 0 Rating
by Courtney
For Sparkpea IRCx network. Gets channel list through http. Right click in status or channel to run dialog. Enjoy. xd.