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On 04/03/16 Downloads 1,363 Votes 0 Rating
by Dabba
Updated to fix new buzzen roomlister Update: 04/02/16 Fixed Room Lister. Fix by
On 04/20/13 Downloads 534 Votes 0 Rating
by unknown
This is a basic Buzzen FlashIRC based connection.
On 04/20/13 Downloads 463 Votes 0 Rating
by 0rus & Rebe££e
A french connection made by 0rus & Rebe££e for the Buzzen FlashIRC chat network which comes bundled with mIRC version 6.31!
On 11/15/12 Downloads 832 Votes 2 Rating
by Gabriel
I made this for my own use, and then others seemed to want a copy so here it is. Some of the code is not my own but most is. Any add on that is not my own work is noted and credit...
On 10/27/12 Downloads 1,859 Votes 7 Rating
by extremity
Basic Buzzen script. This script contains a unique interface with room management options. All aspects of Buzzen should be incorporated into the script. It does not contain games a...
On 07/26/10 Downloads 1,322 Votes 0 Rating
by MakiMaki & seraphim
nth - is a Multi-server mIRC Based Connection Built for Buzzen, Koach, Sparkpea, Phreik, and "most" Irc servers. As a sockless connection that lends itself to more open ended optio...