Category: Sparkpea Connections (ircwx)


On 12/02/17 Downloads 242 Votes 0 Rating
by extremity updated by err0r
Updated Fracture connection to work on SPCN. Updated by err0r Updated 12/2/17 Changed to
On 12/02/17 Downloads 250 Votes 0 Rating
by Dabba updated by err0r
Updated Moschino to work with Sparkpea(ircwx) Fixes: connection address, profile address, roomlister, autojoiner, address alias. Note this requires mirc version 6.35 Updated 12...
On 06/14/17 Downloads 504 Votes 0 Rating
by Winz
This is a simple connection script for mIRC OBE for those who want to get started in scripting. It will get you connected to SparkPea's new web chat server. Also included is option...
On 06/14/17 Downloads 189 Votes 0 Rating
by WordFrenzy
Just A Basic WordFrenzy Script Some Testing & Works Fine For Me Updated 12/2/17 changed to