Category: Information Addons


On 02/21/12 Downloads 852 Votes 1 Rating
by FordLawnmower
Description: Simple Youtube Downloader will download a youtube video based on the link that you enter and place it in the folder you select. The default download location is $mircd...
On 07/28/11 Downloads 868 Votes 0 Rating
by FordLawnmower
Basic lag bar that shows your current lag for the active network. This script requires no dll but does add two slots to your toolbar. Thanks to mentok, GrimReaper and Coyote fo...
On 06/07/11 Downloads 777 Votes 0 Rating
by FordLawnmower
This script uses Googles "secret" Weather api To gather some weather information and images. The information and images are then sent to a picture window and the image is copied an...
On 03/17/11 Downloads 521 Votes 0 Rating
by FroggieDaFrog
A small addon inwhich allows users to quicly post data to (Supports all functions that does at the time of submission) March 16, 2011, versi...
On 10/06/10 Downloads 637 Votes 0 Rating
by SplitFire aka X-System
A basic Google URL Shortener with a public trigger
On 09/15/10 Downloads 739 Votes 0 Rating
by FordLawnmower
First: THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH mIRC 7.X!!!!!!! The encoding to make the signatures for OAuth Authentication require the unicode character "pairs" that no longer exist in mIRC. At ...