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On 05/13/16 Downloads 940 Votes 0 Rating
by err0r
A buzzen roomlister addon dialog for mIRC. Credit to the creator of the hex and html aliases. For best results use with mIRC 7* and DCX.dll compatible with mIRC 7. DCX.dll is no...
On 08/18/13 Downloads 1,120 Votes 0 Rating
by err0r
Examples: .w 38851 .w london .w houston tx .w houston,tx Will save users last search entry so next time the user can just use .w to return their saved weather search. Inc...
On 05/02/13 Downloads 593 Votes 0 Rating
by Ivan Zwolski
Adapted version of imgmirc.dll by Ivan Zwolski regex updated by Sims, images compliments of DeeJay's emotz dialog. Images property of Buzzen Communications. I do not claim this ...
On 04/20/13 Downloads 399 Votes 0 Rating
by Golden
Access Message add-on by Golden for Buzzen scripts.
On 04/20/13 Downloads 493 Votes 0 Rating
by unknown
Aop system along with a few extras thrown in!
On 04/20/13 Downloads 481 Votes 0 Rating
by Purplecat
Ok here's the list of macros......... this code im going to be giving you will display in your room the list of macros that are ready to be displayed in your room. This macross txt...