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On 07/03/09 Downloads 491 Votes 0 Rating
by modified by Chain�
what this dose is from this dialog allow you to run certain programs from your computer, its notting special but can be useful to some
On 05/20/09 Downloads 538 Votes 0 Rating
by DrunkDwarf
LagBar is a nice addon which inserts a lagbar onto your toolbar. The addon makes use of tbwin.dll by dohcan to insert the lagbar.The lagbar functions without any bugs or problems w...
On 03/14/09 Downloads 905 Votes 0 Rating
by MicEiken
Simple theme for mIRC, I would advise Courier New 8px. Just load it and it's a go.
On 03/10/09 Downloads 526 Votes 0 Rating
by Chain�
This dilaog allows you to relay time messages in 1 to 10 different channels all with a timed delay!! you set the desired delay and there ya go!!
On 01/26/09 Downloads 519 Votes 0 Rating
by Am0SnipeR [ Translated By Chain ]
this file contains all the nesseceary dlls and icons to open and run the addon, also read the help file. just unzip to your mIRC dir, then go to remotes and add. or /load sshots. h...
On 08/19/07 Downloads 567 Votes 0 Rating
by myndzi
You can set the interval in milliseconds, and simply call /slowmsg with the nickname and message and this snippet will send the lines timed by the interval. Would be good for sendi...