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  1. Travis

    Sparkpea Connection

    It's really nothing. I'm sure err0r has something better. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  2. Travis

    Sparkpea Connection

    I'm a little rusty and forgot the credit for Winz. This is just based off the simple connection on this site.
  3. Travis

    Sparkpea Connection

    This doesn't have any of my usual err0r handling ... no homo... but it will connect you and strip the font code. Use err0r's room lister. ;Stupid basic socketless connection for SPCN ;Based off of Winz Simple connection snippet. http://www.tg007.net/file-1733 on *:start:{ if (%nick) && (%login) && (%password) server 7778 if (!%login) { if ($input(Sparkpea $crlf $crlf Enter Your Nickname,e,$v_)) set %nick $ifmatch else goto err_ if ($input(Sparkpea $crlf $crlf Enter Your Email Address,e,$v_)) set %login $ifmatch else goto err_ if (%login) && ($input(Sparkpea.net $crlf $crlf Enter Your Password,p,$v_)) set %password $md5($ifmatch) else goto err_ if (%login) && (%password) { server 7778 } return :err_ echo -s Error - Insufficient Parameters } } on ^*:LOGON:*:{ user %nick IRCwx %login d00bie loginh %login %password } on ^*:text:*:#:{ ;remember Tewl? He made this regsub code years ago var %val, %xfont = $regsub($replace($1-,[br],$chr(160), ,$chr(160)),/\[(/)?style([^\]]+)?\]/gi,$null,%val) echo # $+([,$asctime(hh:nn:ss),]) $+(<,$nick,>) $utfdecode(%val,0) haltdef } menu channel,status { $iif($network = sparkpea,Disconnect,Connect):$iif($network = sparkpea,Disconnect,server 7778) }
  4. Travis

    Reg Mirc?

    Remind me how to keep my mirc running.
  5. Travis

    Reg Mirc?

    What are people doing to get past the mirc reg popup. I haven't been doing this for a while, and the only option I get is to Exit. I cleared the registry like one guide, but that doesn't fix it. If I decide to get back into scripting I'd pay the $20, but I likely won't.
  6. I thought I'd poke my head around here. I was thinking of doing something for fun as well. The last thing I was working on was an AI idea. I opened up my last script and nothing works of course. Just dead windows. Twitch huh? What else is out there?
  7. Travis


    I think what Ravi was trying to say is that gatekeeper's aren't derived from any set protocol. Whoever designs the registration process for a network decides how to create the Ident. It could be completely random and based off of nothing having to do with the user, or it could be based off of their IP, time of registration, etc. I believe some networks don't even keep a static Ident. Really what they save is your login id and password then may retrieve your stored Ident or assign you a new one.
  8. Travis

    Are Chat Networks Worth It?

    Yeah we joke, when I was 18 I should have been trolling the elementary school for her! lol
  9. Travis

    Are Chat Networks Worth It?

    That's funny, I'm 37 and my girlfriend is 29.
  10. gdi I just started using Unite to stream my music at work ...
  11. Travis

    Watch Out For Me

    Congrats Amy
  12. Why is the CEO of Netflix watching movies through his XBOX? Just saying .,..