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  2. Twitter might still have copies of your DMs saved in its system even if it's been years since you deactivated your account. Security researcher Karan Saini told TechCrunch that he found years-old messages in an archive of his Twitter data -- which you can request from Twitter itself under the Settings menu -- even if they were from accounts that had been deleted or suspended. The publication has confirmed Saini's report by looking through an archive and finding a conversation with a suspended account from way back in March 2016. Under Twitter's guidelines, the company wrote that "there is a very brief period in which [it] may be able to access account information, including Tweets." You can only restore your account with all its data intact within 30 days, after all. Twitter accepts requests from law enforcement to preserve records, but the platform said it will only keep a temporary snapshot of relevant account records for only 90 days. In addition, the security researcher discovered that those archives could also come with messages you've previously deleted or were deleted by the person you were chatting with. While Twitter now only removes DMs you delete from your own inbox, Twitter used to scrub them from the recipient's inbox, as well. It looks like the platform can still keep a copy of them either way. Saini said the records remain accessible due to a "functional bug" rather than a security flaw. Whatever it is that causes this issue, it's clearly a privacy problem -- one that Twitter still doesn't have a full grasp of. A Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch that it's "looking into this further to ensure [the company has] considered the entire scope of the issue." Read full article @ https://www.engadget.com/2019/02/16/twitter-deleted-dm/
  3. Winz

    Anyone Get It?

    ROFL Man, I was hoping for a bit more love on that!! But you're right... Just too redundant for me lol 👍
  4. err0r

    Anyone Get It?

    lol sounds legit
  5. Winz

    Anyone Get It?

    Can someone please explain this? The definition of a hard drive is a disk drive containing a hard disk? ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!? LOL
  6. Have had this for many - many years and it NEVER gets old! ;) 


    I really wanted it to be my 'avatar pic' but the size 'limit' was just under the file size... 😇

    100.352kb: is limit - was file size 105.96KiB 

     Ɯįƞʐ : try this one https://ezgif.com/resize

    Thanks Winz! 

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  8. If you’ve found yourself using Internet Explorer in the past decade, the chances are that you’ve had others suggest that you move to a more efficient browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Security expert Chris Jackson is also urging individuals to stop using Internet Explorer, but what makes his stance interesting is that he currently holds the position as Microsoft’s Worldwide Lead for Cybersecurity — that’s right, not even the folks at Microsoft want to see you opening Internet Explorer anymore. Microsoft’s Security Lead isn’t suggesting that you drop Microsoft products and head for the hills. Instead, he specifically notes that Microsoft’s web browser of the past, Internet Explorer, has had its day. Jackson doesn’t even recommend a new solution for users looking to move off of Internet Explorer; while we are sure the team at Microsoft would like you to pick up Edge, he notes that he’s “not here to enforce any browser on anyone” and that “you should choose the one that best meets your needs.” Jackson’s concern for individuals using the old browser is centered around a concept he calls “technical debt.” Internally, Microsoft is no longer referring to Internet Explorer as a web browser, but instead a compatibility solution for enterprise and business customers. Internet Explorer is a browser of the past, one that is no longer updated to support new web standards; instead, it remains as an option for enterprises that need to access sites that had been designed with it in mind. So, what are enterprise users to do with Chris Jackson’s statements? In an ideal world, organizations should ensure that any internal websites are optimized for use with more modern web browser solutions; however, due to costs, this isn’t always feasible. Thus, businesses should use an alternative web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, for their primary web needs — only launching Internet Explorer if an internal website requires it to function correctly. If you’re still using Internet Explorer as your default browser and don’t know where to turn, be sure to check out our best web browsers for 2019 with options such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi. Read full article @ https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/microsoft-security-lead-outlines-perils-internet-explorer/
  9. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It works! A HUGE Thanks to err0r! Seems he had already coded it in another post.. So I am good to go! /me Is doing the Happy Dance!!! Shannons69
  10. err0r

    Uploading Files

    you will have to enter something into the required fields.. i usually carry over information from the previous version when accepting if it doesn't have any new info in the fields. When it's checked updated of course.
  11. Winz

    Sparkpea staff & chatters

    Thank you Chain! That means a lot coming from a name I've only heard of on MSN and during the chat server chase and up until just recently, have finally met! Sparkpea has come a long way, it is slowly but steadily growing with both old and new chatters and I, along with many others are both excited and happy to have you back! We hope Sparkpea will continue to serve the chat community for a long time, there are a lot of good people there and I couldn't have found a happier place to serve everyone as a member of staff. I'm excited to have finally met you as I was Paige, Roo, and err0r (to name a few in the scripters world) and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay at Sparkpea! See you around 👍
  12. Customers using Windows Update for Business will lose some ability to delay the deployment of each new Windows feature release once version 1903 goes live. When Microsoft first started delivering Windows 10 "as a Service" with a regular flow of feature updates, the company planned to have two release tracks: a "Current Branch" (CB) that was consumer-oriented and "Current Branch for Business" (CBB) aimed at enterprises. The CBB track would trail the CB one by a few months, with consumers acting as guinea pigs to iron out bugs before the quality of each release was deemed good enough for corporate customers. That naming, though not the underlying concept, was changed in 2017 when Microsoft formalized the Windows 10 release schedule and settled on two feature updates per year, one in April and the other in October. The CB track became the "Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)" (SAC-T), and when this was proven in the real world, it would be pushed to the "Semi-Annual Channel" (SAC), the replacement for CBB. Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows could be set to follow one track or the other, depending on how aggressively an organization wanted to adopt the feature updates. Machines that were set to SAC would automatically wait a few months after each SAC-T release, waiting for the SAC-T version to be blessed as SAC. Typically the gap has been about three months, even for the troubled version 1809 release. However, "SAC-T" and "SAC" represented the same software on the same development track. Microsoft is ditching the SAC-T labelling and is now just using SAC for all. When version 1903 is released this April, the ability to choose between SAC-T and SAC will be gone. What does this mean for organizations that used SAC to delay deployment of the feature updates? Installing version 1903 on systems currently set to use SAC-T (plus an optional deferral period) won't cause any change; the systems will update when the mainstream, consumer release is made, plus whatever deferral period they have set. Systems set to use SAC will be configured to defer the 1903 update by 60 days after the consumer release, plus whatever optional deferral period was specified. Microsoft says that this extra 60 days deferral will be handled server-side and won't be reflected in device configuration. Moreover, that extra 60 day delay is only going to be imposed for version 1903. For subsequent versions, the deferral period will use its configured value and impose the delay relative to the feature update's initial availability. This means that instead of there being a variable delay between the consumer (Targeted) and enterprise (non-Targeted) releases, with Microsoft able to choose exactly when each release is "good enough" for corporate users, organizations will now have to use a fixed deferral time after the consumer release. Given that Microsoft has taken longer than 60 days to promote previous Targeted releases to non-Targeted, the new policy seems surprisingly aggressive and ultimately less flexible than the current approach. If the most recent feature updates had been plain sailing, that might be justified—and it's certainly desirable that feature updates be good enough for corporate customers from day one. But after the brouhaha surrounding version 1809's release, withdrawal, and subsequent re-release, we can't imagine that administrators are going to be too pleased with this change. Read full article @ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/02/microsoft-shaking-up-how-windows-feature-updates-are-rolled-out-again/
  13. Thanks JOhnson, I looked over the code err0r provided for you and think it is easy enough to make work. Just stuck on the radio id # can't seem to find that anywhere. I will research a bit more but did want to ask if you were ever able to get it to work? Err0r, Yes, after thinking on what I had posted later on that evening, I realized my mistake in thinking that it would not work as only the conn is specially designed for each site. I really liked some of the options that the code from 'blufm' has in it. Such as showing DJ name & last 5 songs played but think that there is a lot of other stuff that is specifically designed for that site that I will not need. I am the type to try to do it myself before having to ask for anyone to help so will try a bit more to get the simple one you created to work. I will be back either way to let everyone know how I made out of course... (And give requested details if necessary.) Thanks to you both for taking your time and offering your assistance as it is greatly appreciated. Shannons69
  14. snippets will normally work in any irc connection..If you provide some information regarding the radio station we can probably come up with a snippet for you.
  15. Well its been awhile since I've actually talked about chatrooms & server's I had Finally connected with Multiconn to Sparkpea and entered IRCommunity & the famous MSHS chat rooms. well to my surprised I was greeted with the highest respect in any chat server. I have encountered a lot of the old scripters on this server and redoing scripts plus new scripters working on scripts. I have stepped off that platform years ago when i had left another server to move on and live life. Sparkpea server means a lot to me because thats where most of the old scripters rekindled after MSN chat Closed. I had many fond memories on that chat server. Hizpower,Casa,Tank,Crayton,David, and many more the list can keep going on and on. when i hit sparkpea and hooked up with Hiz we became a huge scripting team. Hiz had showed me so many things and i just took to them and developed a skill i didnt thing i had in me. Now once agin the room is open and yes the memories are there but now theres mixed with some old and new scripters and I like the balance very much. I think they have a done a great job on recovering from all the bad issues from the past and have brought forward a new begining to a very respected chat server. Im proud to be back and sit & watch as scripters play and script in the room. To Paige my lil sister keep going you bring pride in the world of scripting!! Roo as usual love the scripting and the talks of the old days!! Winz you have great skills and never let anyone tell you different its what makes a scripter strong!! Shannons69 Continue scripting as like MSN days!! And to the rest have fun and enjoy chatting!!
  16. The White House said Trump intends to redirect money from the military and the Treasury to fund his wall — a plan likely to meet with swift legal challenge. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Friday in an effort to circumvent Congress and fund the wall he promised to build along the U.S. border with Mexico. "We’re talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers with all types of criminals and gangs," Trump said in remarks delivered in the White House Rose Garden just before he issued the order. https://www.nbcnews.com/3bf0b0ba-0591-4192-a6cb-00ac14f06f8f
  17. Hi Shannon I don't know if there is anything that might help you in this link https://www.tg007.net/forum/index.php?/topic/15161-radio-code/&tab=comments#comment-78599
  18. chain

    MSN rooms?

    dont think your going to find that. but koach might still have scripts or files he kepted in his MSN days go to koach.com server.
  19. Hiya to everyone reading this, I have been in search of a snippit and was lucky enough to find it here.. (Y) https://www.tg007.net/snippets/id-58 While I have been 'using' scripts & even beta testing for many years I have not really gotten my feet wet in the coding end of it and am in need of some help. :$ It will be used on ECN and is a newly setup radio station. The snippit has Phreik all over it which I have edited for ECN. I saw that err0r so kindly gave out details for the connections but am unable to find the irc connection. That is the first thing I think I need. Looking further into the file I am thinking I just might be in over my head. The file is from 2011 and everyone that is anyone has changed from MSN's ocx to the new format and think that a lot of this is coded around the old format. Rather then going on with more questions I think it would be best for me to wait for the more intelligent members here, to at least look at it and tell me if it will still even work as intended without a major rewrite. If that is the case, a rewrite, I will just have to learn how to as I do not expect that much to be done on my behalf. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions... Sincerely, Shannons69
  20. Earlier
  21. Winz

    Uploading Files

    err0r. If we upload an update file, do we need to re-fill out the submission form or can we just include the file, update version and tick the box Update of file already submitted? Just wondering because I'm too lazy to re-fill it all out again lol Thanks Bud!
  22. mIRC 7.55 has been released! (February 8th 2019) This version of mIRC is primarily a security release. mIRC users are advised to upgrade due to a security issue that may allow someone to trigger a remote code execution vulnerability in some situations. This issue affects all versions of mIRC. This update also includes changes and fixes to a number of features: Fixed /onotice and related commands not working correctly in some contexts. Fixed Clear History log files option not deleting empty nested folders in logs folder. Fixed $sha1()/$hmac() bug that caused &binvar data to be overwritten. Added $zip() identifier that adds support for AES encrypted ZIP files. Extended $rand() to allow negative number values and changed RNG algorithm. Added $rands() identifier that returns a cryptographically secure random number. Fixed $hfind() not reporting an error when the called alias returns an error. Fixed $asctime() 'z' bug to work with non-standard offset timezones. Extended IRCv3 support for CAP NEW to request supported tokens automatically. Fixed RCE vulnerability affecting all versions of mIRC (CVE-2019-6453). Added $notify().sound2 property to return offline sound. Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file. Fixed "Show nicks on join" option not working correctly. For a more detailed list of recent changes, please see the whatsnew.txt file. As always, the latest version of mIRC can be downloaded from the download page. Read full article @ https://www.mirc.com/news.html
  23. Winz

    MSN rooms?

    You might be able to find something in the MSN Archives here, other than that, not that I know of. Sorry Alex.
  24. Alex

    MSN rooms?

    Anyone have a list of all the room names that MSN used, TheLobby etc.? Basically all public rooms that were +r. Thanks
  25. Loveness

    Hello All

    Me too.. But anyone donated to scripters something?
  26. err0r

    Hello All

    happy to see ppl scripting
  27. Oral arguments began Friday in the case of Mozilla v. FCC, a lawsuit brought by a wide range of advocacy groups and trade organizations representing some of the nation’s largest internet companies, which all seek to vacate the vote to repeal net neutrality pushed through by the Federal Communications Commission in late 2017. At the heart of the case is the question of whether the FCC was within its rights to overturn the Open Internet Order, which it passed in 2015 under the Obama administration. The order implemented rules against blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization—so-called fast lanes—by mobile and fixed broadband providers. It accomplished this by reclassifying broadband as a “telecommunications service” under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act, and in so granted itself the authority to regulate broadband service nationwide. The case is brought before U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, where it was transferred last year from the 9th Circuit, which had won a multi-district lottery to hear the case. The D.C. Circuit was the chosen venue ultimately due to its history of considering virtually identical issues in prior proceedings. The court previously upheld the 2015 Open Internet Order, finding it lawful and justified by the arguments of the net neutrality advocates. The groups opposing the FCC include a hodgepodge of tech companies and consumer advocacy groups, as well as state and local officials—among them: the Mozilla Corporation; Etsy; Free Press; Public Knowledge; the National Hispanic Media Coalition; the Open Technology Institute; the Center for Democracy & Technology, and others. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have also joined the petitioners. “Nothing has changed since the 2015 rulemaking but the leadership of the FCC,” said Lisa Hayes, general counsel for the Center of Democracy & Technology. “The FCC lacks compelling evidence justifying its 2018 order, and I expect the DC Circuit will find that the FCC’s actions were arbitrary and capricious.” Matthew Berry, the FCC chief of staff, meanwhile, said that the Supreme Court has “already affirmed the FCC’s authority to classify broadband as a Title I information service, and we have every reason to believe that the judiciary will uphold the FCC’s decision to return to that regulatory framework under which the Internet flourished prior to 2015 and is continuing to thrive today.” After taking control of the FCC in early 2017 with President Trump’s appointment of Ajit Pai as chairman, Republicans maintained a 3-2 majority on the panel, which allowed them to push through the repeal, despite overwhelming opposition by the American public. Pai’s arguments in favor of pushing through the repeal involving claiming the Obama-era rules had stifled innovation, and that, by minimizing his own agencies ability to regulate the telecom industry, he would help spur a new era of investment in the nation’s broadband infrastructure. But there appears to be two key flaws in Pai’s reasoning, one of which has only recently become demonstrably evident. First, the net neutrality rules did not hamper investment and the companies he claimed were being suffocated by “heavy-handed” regulations admitted as much. Secondly, Pai’s rollback hasn’t spurred much of anything. As long-time telecom reporter Karl Bode wrote for Motherboard last week: “Network investment is down, layoffs abound, and networks are falling apart.” Newly appointed FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starts recently accused Pai of ignoring evidence and hastily abandoning “the carefully crafted, common sense Open Internet framework” established over three years ago. “In the process,” he said, the FCC “ignored the will of millions of people who made their support for a free and open Internet crystal clear.” Read full article @ https://gizmodo.com/fcc-faces-off-in-net-neutrality-lawsuit-against-consume-1832269448
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