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  1. Omg ole man quit while you can
  2. chain

    What Age Did You

    I started in MSN when i first meet a few guys from NeoVortex. then after that i hung out with sysop_Doc and he showed me a few things. the i became friends with ozzy_10 and err0r and joined extreme team website and hung out with them. But i dont do any coding anymore. i just do a few things and thats it.
  3. chain

    Blimey People Still About From The Msn Days...

    wow there's a name i haven't seen in many years. well if your looking for more of the old gang pop on IRC server koach.com and join #koachsworkshop thats where you will see a lot of the old MSN gang.
  4. chain

    Has Chat Really Died

    No chat hasn't died, it just depends on what server your on.If your and IRC chatter well the servers are all up and running and huge amounts of ppl on them, if were talking about people designing there chat like Buzzen or MSN yes there dying as a lot just cannot be bothered with the downtime the issues and etc. I have seen more and more going back to orignal IRC servers and just getting use to that. with mibbit and all the other software that enables you to chat better in IRC servers its a huge win. Other then that chat is chat. Now if your talking about scripting yes that has died and keeps fading and fading more and more as the years move on.
  5. chain

    Phoenix Chat

    shhhhhhhhh he keeps saying that wes but we have to play along with him, keep him happy. hes getting old ...u know LOL
  6. chain

    Happy Birthday Err0R!!!!!

    Happy Birthday bro and all the best & many more to come u ole geezer
  7. chain

    Windows 8.1

    windows 8.1 for me hasnt caused any issues and as for the start button you can go here http://www.iobit.com/iobitstartmenu8.php and theres more info here http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33642_7-57496506-292/how-to-get-the-start-menu-back-in-windows-8/
  8. chain

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Well to begin with if u read about microsoft and windows they suggest for you to get other means of protection as they themselves say there software is not 100% perfect as they made it 50% and reason was that they wanted others to accept the challenge in making protection. so it is best to get another source of protection. me myself i hate nortons and there resource hogs system and trend sucks also. to each his own !!
  9. chain

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    For free its ok, but its not the best, as microsoft has stated many times. It's average but still helps. I use it just for the fact it dosent have a huge reource that takes space on your comp like the others. http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_pro/
  10. chain

    Buzzen Update Issues

    Or you can come into the room IRCommunity and we can help there for scripting.....as for updates its best to go to helpdesk for info regarding that
  11. chain

    Buzzen Login

    Yes they are resetting all user passwords for the users protection, and if it dosent work through email, I suggest you go into help desk and they will issue u a temp password that you can change to your liking!! We were also forced to take the measure of resetting all user passwords, as we could not be absolutely sure that the individuals responsible were not able to access this data. While this may well be frustrating for you to have to go through, we did this for your security and we ask once more for your patience and understanding. Read more at http://www.buzzen.com/id/30/news.shtml#pGWyJZWfcRSEO05c.99
  12. chain

    Multiconn Project

    omg wes said we should open up a radio station, i refuse as we have too many projects on hand lol. and also the fact of listening to yor stinking country music would kill me lmao
  13. A Microsoft-hosted demonstration of the XBOX Game “Killer Instinct” at the E3 expo has come in for criticism for including allusions to rape. The incident has made it to YouTube and we've embedded it below. If you can't bring yourself to watch, the video shows the on-screen demo of the game and offers audio of the banter between two players, one man and one woman, both Microsoft employees. The woman woman is Ashton Williams, aka @AshtonisVULCAN, who describes herself as a “Community Coordinator at XBLA, Microsoft Studios”. The man is Torrin Rettig, a producer at Microsoft Studios. At around 2:30 into the video, Rettig's character starts dealing out some punishment to Williams. She complains, but Rettig then says "There you go. Just let it happen and it will be over soon." Later, Rettig says “You like this” and Wiliams replies “No, I don't like this.” Williams has since Tweeted that the remarks were not planned. Microsoft has since apologised for the comments, with The Atlantic Wire carrying this apology from Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios: "Yesterday, during the Xbox E3 briefing, one of our employees made an off the cuff and inappropriate comment while demoing ‘Killer Instinct’ with another employee. This comment was offensive and we apologize." http://youtu.be/ByaqTU1cOvA The expected amount of online outrage and apathy are now playing out in the usual fora. The incident is Microsoft's third very public sexism gaffe in the last year. First came alimp wedding tackle joke in Norway. A Microsoft developer was later found to have used the hexadecimal string “0xB16B00B5” - which is often read as “Big Boobs” in the Linux kernel Source: theregister
  14. chain

    Multiconn Project

    There some said they didnt like hammers as icons so here, with the icon changer you can do what ever you want!!
  15. chain

    New Ircx Webchat Wanted

    Nice work Keep it up!!