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  1. chain

    Help with Status Bar.

    I know err0rs is much simplier
  2. chain

    err0r Appreciation

    There goes the neighbour hood lol 😎
  3. Well its been awhile since I've actually talked about chatrooms & server's I had Finally connected with Multiconn to Sparkpea and entered IRCommunity & the famous MSHS chat rooms. well to my surprised I was greeted with the highest respect in any chat server. I have encountered a lot of the old scripters on this server and redoing scripts plus new scripters working on scripts. I have stepped off that platform years ago when i had left another server to move on and live life. Sparkpea server means a lot to me because thats where most of the old scripters rekindled after MSN chat Closed. I had many fond memories on that chat server. Hizpower,Casa,Tank,Crayton,David, and many more the list can keep going on and on. when i hit sparkpea and hooked up with Hiz we became a huge scripting team. Hiz had showed me so many things and i just took to them and developed a skill i didnt thing i had in me. Now once agin the room is open and yes the memories are there but now theres mixed with some old and new scripters and I like the balance very much. I think they have a done a great job on recovering from all the bad issues from the past and have brought forward a new begining to a very respected chat server. Im proud to be back and sit & watch as scripters play and script in the room. To Paige my lil sister keep going you bring pride in the world of scripting!! Roo as usual love the scripting and the talks of the old days!! Winz you have great skills and never let anyone tell you different its what makes a scripter strong!! Shannons69 Continue scripting as like MSN days!! And to the rest have fun and enjoy chatting!!
  4. The White House said Trump intends to redirect money from the military and the Treasury to fund his wall β€” a plan likely to meet with swift legal challenge. WASHINGTON β€” President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Friday in an effort to circumvent Congress and fund the wall he promised to build along the U.S. border with Mexico. "We’re talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers with all types of criminals and gangs," Trump said in remarks delivered in the White House Rose Garden just before he issued the order. https://www.nbcnews.com/3bf0b0ba-0591-4192-a6cb-00ac14f06f8f
  5. chain

    MSN rooms?

    dont think your going to find that. but koach might still have scripts or files he kepted in his MSN days go to koach.com server.
  6. chain

    Hello All

    kool Sis looking forward to seeing it
  7. chain

    Hello All

    Wow been awhile since ive been on here. all i see is tumble weeds on every scripting site. so hows everyone and whats new?
  8. Omg ole man quit while you can
  9. chain

    What Age Did You

    I started in MSN when i first meet a few guys from NeoVortex. then after that i hung out with sysop_Doc and he showed me a few things. the i became friends with ozzy_10 and err0r and joined extreme team website and hung out with them. But i dont do any coding anymore. i just do a few things and thats it.
  10. chain

    Blimey People Still About From The Msn Days...

    wow there's a name i haven't seen in many years. well if your looking for more of the old gang pop on IRC server koach.com and join #koachsworkshop thats where you will see a lot of the old MSN gang.
  11. chain

    Has Chat Really Died

    No chat hasn't died, it just depends on what server your on.If your and IRC chatter well the servers are all up and running and huge amounts of ppl on them, if were talking about people designing there chat like Buzzen or MSN yes there dying as a lot just cannot be bothered with the downtime the issues and etc. I have seen more and more going back to orignal IRC servers and just getting use to that. with mibbit and all the other software that enables you to chat better in IRC servers its a huge win. Other then that chat is chat. Now if your talking about scripting yes that has died and keeps fading and fading more and more as the years move on.
  12. chain

    Phoenix Chat

    shhhhhhhhh he keeps saying that wes but we have to play along with him, keep him happy. hes getting old ...u know LOL
  13. chain

    Happy Birthday Err0R!!!!!

    Happy Birthday bro and all the best & many more to come u ole geezer
  14. chain

    Windows 8.1

    windows 8.1 for me hasnt caused any issues and as for the start button you can go here http://www.iobit.com/iobitstartmenu8.php and theres more info here http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33642_7-57496506-292/how-to-get-the-start-menu-back-in-windows-8/
  15. chain

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Well to begin with if u read about microsoft and windows they suggest for you to get other means of protection as they themselves say there software is not 100% perfect as they made it 50% and reason was that they wanted others to accept the challenge in making protection. so it is best to get another source of protection. me myself i hate nortons and there resource hogs system and trend sucks also. to each his own !!