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  1. JOhnson

    Website Music Players

    Hi err0r I have found a player that wix has excepted 😀 again thank you for your help fella 😀
  2. JOhnson

    Website Music Players

    over the past few days I have found numerous player creators that are free and all the codes I add with my url stream which starts with http:// will not work for wix ? http://s33.myradiostream.com:13962/listen.m3u I don't know what to do about leaving the radio streaming for you to test again thank you for your help
  3. JOhnson

    Website Music Players

    yes they do HTML iframe and that is what I have been doing when I find a free code for a player but the codes I have found as I explained are http:// so they won't embed the player 😢 and what I do is I open https://support.wix.com/en/article/testing-your-html-code and test the codes I find and I haven't found one that works yet and I have been looking 😀 thanks again for the reply I will keep searching and who knows I might get lucky one day 🙂
  4. JOhnson

    Website Music Players

    thanks for the reply err0r I have looked for a html5 player that works with wix but to no avail ... most of the html5 players don't have a https:// in them and wix won't except any codes with http:// so what I did was to add a button with the streaming url thank you again for your help on this one err0r 😀
  5. JOhnson

    Website Music Players

    Hi I have a internet radio I also have a basic wix website and I want to know if its possible to add WindowsMedia, Winamp. VLC player icons to my website so people can click on them to listen to the radio that I stream ... to all replies I thanks you :D
  6. JOhnson

    Code Request

    thanks Winz I will play with the code over the weekend 😀
  7. JOhnson

    Code Request

    Hi ... I am after a code request and I hope this is the right place to ask for it 😌 Ages and OMG it was ages ago hizpower gave me a code in the old SPCN where I could leave a message to a nick that joined my room and only they could see the message. The problem is I left it on my HDD and not my Ex Drive and my pc crashed 😢 and I losted it ... so if anyone has a code that I am requesting that will work with IRCWX I would appreciate it 😀 as always I will say thank you for any help on this one 😀
  8. JOhnson

    Bandwidth / Storage

    Thanks for the reply err0r I have a basic wix website that I built but have no domain and wix have an offer on at £6/month 2GB Bandwidth, 3GB Storage, 30 Video Minutes, Remove Wix Ads, Free Domain for 1 Year The website I have created with Wix is for music as I am a DJ and have a internet radio where I stream music ... it has music that I upload every week with 4 new album songs ... it also has a shoutbox where some of my listeners can shout and make request ect ... I only have 5 pages and there is nowhere on my website where people can download anything. I hopes all the information I have gave you will help you to tell me whether the Wix Offer is a good one again thank you for your reply
  9. JOhnson

    Bandwidth / Storage

    Can anyone tell me is 2GB Bandwidth & 3GB Storage good enough to run a website ? as always thank you for any replies :D
  10. JOhnson

    Buzzen Guest

    YES ... I tried ... they gave me links that I already had done and still didn't get it solved ... so I left it alone
  11. JOhnson

    Buzzen Guest

    thanks again err0r for the reply ... I did as you told me and still no joy ... it told me my passwords was incorrect and when I requested a new password it logged me in ? then again when I tried to access any room again it wanted me to login as a guest ... so it looks like I wont bother with buzzen ... again thanks for the help
  12. JOhnson

    Buzzen Guest

    HELP I made up an email address and a nick for buzzen and got an activation email which allowed me to login to buzzen with the nick I choose but when I tried to access any rooms even though it showed my nick was logged in ... it kept asking me to access the rooms as a guest. I don't know why this happened but I tried everything i.e clear my cache, temp files ect but alas it still happened and in the end out of frustration I deleted my buzzen account so is there anyone who can help me with this problem ... as always I will thank you now for any replies to this topic :D
  13. JOhnson

    IRCWX Basic Auto Join Connection

    Hi err0r found it :D thanks for the reply I am checking in with the opticians for some new glasses :P
  14. I have been looking for a IRCWX basic connection for SPCN as I am using Moschino Connection. What I am looking for is an Auto Join Connection for SPCN so when I clicks on my script/bot it will join the room I want it to automatically and I don't have to click on the room and wait till the script/bot joins. I hopes you can make sense to what I am saying and I look forward to a reply to which I will say thank you now
  15. JOhnson

    Clone Kicker

    You do it every time for me it worked a treat and I thank you again for all your help ...