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  1. JOhnson

    IRCWX Basic Auto Join Connection

    Hi err0r found it :D thanks for the reply I am checking in with the opticians for some new glasses :P
  2. I have been looking for a IRCWX basic connection for SPCN as I am using Moschino Connection. What I am looking for is an Auto Join Connection for SPCN so when I clicks on my script/bot it will join the room I want it to automatically and I don't have to click on the room and wait till the script/bot joins. I hopes you can make sense to what I am saying and I look forward to a reply to which I will say thank you now
  3. JOhnson

    Clone Kicker

    You do it every time for me it worked a treat and I thank you again for all your help ...
  4. JOhnson

    Upgrade A Script

    Thank You for your reply I will add in the new year ... I wish you a Happy Christmas & an even better New Year err0r
  5. JOhnson

    Upgrade A Script

    Thank you for your reply err0r ... my mistake the topic should have read update and not upgrade a script I placed a basic script for SPCN ircwx in a hurry and have now tweaked it with a couple of changes and would likes to know what my next step is to add it to tg007 files ... again thank you for your reply
  6. JOhnson

    Clone Kicker

    I am away at the moment but have accessed a computer to reply to this posting thank you for your reply err0r I have got your history code but what I was actually looking for was if i.e Johnson enters the room and then some how enters the room again as i.e Johnson1234 on the same gatekeeper passport that the script would kick the clone nick i.e Johnson1234 and leave the Johnson nick in place ... I knows at times I am hard work but I am still as willing as I always was to learn ... again err0r thank you for your help and your reply
  7. JOhnson

    Clone Kicker

    I have tried as much as I can to do a clone kicker for ircwx and I am sorry to say I have failed ... looked in mirc and hawkee and just cant find one ... my reason is even my owners and host are getting sick of trying to help people understand how to enter a room without cloning here nick ... this is more so in SPCN of late ... if you have a working code I would be thankful and appreciate it if you would post the code to this topic or even add it as a snippet to tg007 ... again thank you for any replies or help on this one
  8. JOhnson

    Upgrade A Script

    if I wanted to upgrade a script that already is in the download files what do I do ? thank you for all replies
  9. JOhnson


    cheers err0r
  10. JOhnson


    the ircwx roomlister in sparkpea moschino isn't working either ? all your getting is a blank page whatever category you click on ... hopes I have enlightened this to you err0r thanks for your reply
  11. JOhnson

    Http & Https

    thanks err0r for the reply now I have got to go look for a https music player that will show the artist & song title that will embed into my basic wix website ... again thanks a lot for the info
  12. JOhnson

    Http & Https

    can anyone tell me what is the difference between http:// and https:// the reason I ask this question is that I haves a basic wix website where I can drag and drop different things i.e pictures music ect and its the only one I haves found I can learn when I tried to put a html code on the website because it wasn't https and was http it wouldn't show I am also sorry for my outburst sometime ago when I didn't get a reply to a topic I posted here ... that was down to my private life being turned upside down and I took to drink and drugs and half the time I didn't knows what I was saying and again I thank you for your help in the past and I also will apologise again anyways I will say thank you for any replies I receives
  13. JOhnson


    is it possible to do a ctcpreply message in colour ... at the moment I am using this code which shows grey in the room on *:join:*: { If (nick =me) { msg# } else { ctcpreply $nick TIME Hi $nick MESSAGE } } I did it myself and would you delete my account it seems like a lot of other people that tg007 has come to the end of its uses
  14. JOhnson

    Copy & Paste

    I don't know what iv done wrong but since I reformatted my computer HDD I can no longer copy & paste on the forum ? iv tried ctrl C and ctrl V but still nothing so I am wondering if someone can throw some light on why ... as always thank you for any replies on this one
  15. JOhnson

    Ish And Sims Script V2.1

    thank you err0r it now joins ...