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  1. Aimz

    Watch Out For Me

    Was the TV show Leverage & heres the two scenes it showed me in. If you want to watch it heres the url. http://www.putlocker.com/file/4DC2964BEFCC04DE
  2. Aimz

    Happy Birthday Karen

    Happy Birthday karen
  3. Aimz

    Watch Out For Me

    Was a few vseconds but I got to see myself on Leverade tonight, yyyyaaaaaayy
  4. I been waiting for a few months for it to come out, but on Sept 16th Ill be on the TNT tv show Leverage.
  5. Aimz

    Watch Out For Me

    Well ty I miss chats its been 2 years since I been there, but hey it does not matter, things are better than ever. Thanks travis and paige.
  6. Aimz

    Watch Out For Me

    Alot has happened since I been away. I will fill you all in. Ok 27th of this month the first movie I got to be in Christmas With The Dead will premire this month in Nacogdoches Texas & will be out next year. Also I will be on the last episode of Grimm as a stand in, my part was a vetinarian. And on the 28th of this month I will be on the red Carpet with celebs & press at this event. Since it will be a rockumentry I am assuming it will be on mtv or vh1, (just guessing till I find out details out tomarrow). So everyone wish me luck & watch out for me wish me luck.