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  1. Paige

    Sparkpea Connection

    Jeez!, that was quick Trav, just what i needed, many many thanks, bro, and w/b.
  2. Paige

    Sparkpea Connection

    Dear ErrOr.. at the risk of sounding cheeky, could we please have a sockless conn. for the new sparkpea, like the brilliant one you gave me for buzzen. ? thanks.
  3. Paige

    Reg Mirc?

    Come on back Trav....
  4. Paige


    Many thanks for the info errOr, it works fine now.
  5. Paige


    Anyone know why errOr's Buzzen e-roomlister has stopped working ?? 25/11/2017
  6. Paige

    Room Close

    ooo, they were the days!! I don't think you,ll get an answer to that, room takes/closes are frowned upon these days, since the demise of msn chat.
  7. Paige

    Happy Birthday Err0R

    Happy Birthday errOr , older and wiser
  8. Paige

    The Debate??

    Someone on here said Tech Gear has gone to the dogs,... well that's totally untrue of course, as everyone knows. I for one , (and there's plenty like me), first thing we do when we go online, ... we check out Tech Gear to see whats going on, ( I even have a shortcut on my desktop for it!) and what new stuff they got . Its something we got into the habit of over the years. There's always plenty of stuff going on here, whether it be news, info, snippets, scripts, opinions , views, etc etc. It really pisses me off to see anyone slagging off the site or errOr, who goes out of his way to help anyone who asks for it. But then again there will always be people around who take an odd pleasure in criticising everything willy nilly.......
  9. Paige

    The Debate??

    Well, for a start, ChatCore was the best and most innotive chat server ever. I dont think that anyone who actually went there and properly tried it would disagree with that. It was far ahead of its time, feature wise. Bench was a great loss to it, i'm sure. Long live Bench and may he prosper.... Its only problem was its lack of users, for whatever reason. Buzzen has lotsa users, mainy cos a lot of msn chatters emigrated ( wrong word ?) there after msn chat closed its doors. They've stayed ever since. and many more have joined and left since. Its the biggest chat out of all the chats formed from the msn days, as we know them. I think i was the first to assemble a script for it, though im not absolutely sure of that, though i'm prolly right. Nuff said on that. Im sorry to see ChatCore (as we knew it), go. However there's a limit to how long a chat can stay open without an increase in its numbers. Its structure and innovations were too good to lose however. They needed to go somewhere in case they were lost, so the only thing that was eluding them , namely numbers, will be gained at buzzen. Its a shrewd move. Now the amalgamation of Buzzen and Chatcore will make the whole. By gum this resulting chat will now be a thing to behold.!!! SEC should have a good position on Buzzen, 'cos he proved his worth on ChatCore for sure. We will see.. ..All chats are a good thing, so dont knock any of them , i say. Thats my opinion...
  10. Paige

    Watch Out For Me

  11. Paige


    OOOO ,,has sparkpea closed then ? I been trying to hurl my script in there for a while,... wondered what was wrong! I wouldnt have thought that Hiz would let that happen. I did notice that a few prominent chat members were leaving (to Vibes and such) the last time i got in there. O well, its a shame cos its been open for so long, and ya there was a scary loyalty to it from a lot of people. Prolly the highest chat server loyalty of all the smaller ones. Ok thanks for telling me the score , i wont try getting in there any more,.Anyways anyone who wants would of course be welcome at vibes and chatcore, both good chat servers, and theres always buzzen of course...( and Phreik think , and ..and...
  12. Paige


    Don't take this the wrong way, Snoopz, but i think you got one huge bloody cheek saying such stuff here. I think this site is brilliant, the last thing it needs is closing down just cos chat etc is declining a bit atm. Some of us , the first thing we do when we come on the internet, is check in here, and Evolution Scriptz, to see what the latest is. Its something i actually look forward to, so do others i know. Come the winter, the site will be more lively, its the natural way of things. Facebook and twitter has took a lot of stuff away, but when people get bored with that chat might revive , i hope so... In the meantime, I know this site is safe in Err0r's and Ozzie's hands, and they will take no notice of your negative rantings.... ... Long Live TechGear !!
  13. Paige

    Just A Theme

    Nice one , Zan, like all your stuff!!!
  14. Chains right. It can't be easy running your own chat. Must take a lot of time and effort, and like he says be sure what you actually want before you start. No need to go over the top; the simpler you keep it the more people will like it. Don't make too many rules and regulations for your chatters and don't mollycoddle them. In other words, make it worthwhile some script for it by not adding in too many chat protections, flood prots and stuff. Let them make their own prots, or you just a nanny server. MSN was fun, what with the porn bots, few server prots ,unfairness, etc. They (msn) may have been highly inefficient and stuff, but they knew how to keep people interested in it, by keeping it controversal. Im sure you know what I mean. ie... don't make it too easy and boring for your chatters..just my opinion...