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  1. What are you streaming on Twitch? Also... had no clue that Twitch Chat is just IRC haha... LOVE hanging out on Twitch, tho.
  2. Josh`

    Happy Birthday Err0R

    Happy Belated Birthday! <3
  3. Josh`


    Very sad-- so sorry for your loss.
  4. They should just slap Chrome on there and call it good
  5. Josh`

    Windows 8

    I used it once while testing a laptop at the store... I couldn't even figure out how to get to the calculator?? :\ I was very confused. I prefer my old clunky desktop UI
  6. Josh`

    Google Chrome Overtakes Firefox

    It's about time!!!
  7. I am unbelievably impressed with IE9. However, the more I use it, the more I feel like it's almost a copy of Chrome.
  8. Josh`

    Song Titles

    I've seen it done too. It seems to be done with all those old school mIRC chatters back when mIRC was just being released. I'm not sure how it's done and I haven't opened mIRC in a loong time let alone the manual but perhaps look up stuff about the DCC Sends or maybe the /play command? Or maybe even a /splay?? But I think /splay (if that's even the right command) just plays music locally on your own machine. Sorry I can't be more help :S
  9. really off topic lol.... Income is limited for them too. Living Paycheck to paycheck.
  10. That's going to shoot prices out the roof. :\ As if phones weren't expensive enough lol
  11. Josh`

    - Absolute -

    paying someone for mIRC coding? ...haha
  12. Josh`

    Mirc Screenshots 2010

    I've never liked the fonts associated with aligned themes. I saw an aligned theme that uses a basic font like arial or something and it looked real nice. I forget where I saw it though... if it was here or over at ms.org orrr some other place lol edit; nevermind, found it ! lol Exonyte made it. http://www.mircscripts.org/screenshots/1670.png
  13. Josh`

    Mirc Screenshots 2010

    I hate threads like this... it just makes me want to pick up mIRC scripting again where I have fun with it for like 3 days and then I put it down for another year or two lol Great looking scrips, though, everyone!!
  14. Josh`

    Odd Phone Number

    Probably just the aliens...
  15. Josh`

    Online Degree

    The best thing to do is to do your research (which you are) and contacting admissions advisors/reps from the school you're looking at and ask them these questions specifically. They're there to help and answer any of your questions and they would be the ones who should definitely know all your answers.