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  1. fiestybaby

    Happy Birthday Err0R

    Happy Birthday Mike !!
  2. fiestybaby

    Happy Birthday Err0R

    Ahhh He beat me to it!! Happy Birthday err0r!!! I hope its all you wish for and more !
  3. fiestybaby

    Happy Birthday Err0R

    Happy Birthday!! Hope its all you wish for and more
  4. fiestybaby

    Happy Birthday Eyecu

    It's blue so it's' less feminine..lol and your welcome hun.
  5. fiestybaby

    Happy Birthday Eyecu

    Happy Birthday Wes... (again) lol
  6. fiestybaby

    History Of Buzzen Podcast

    On August 22nd Part two will air on the present and future of Buzzen. err0r will be my guest speaker to talk about what brought him to Buzzen and what he has done for Buzzen etc. Jay may even join us to talk as well. Make sure you tune in and hear err0rs voice!
  7. fiestybaby

    The Debate??

    What in Gods name are you talking about. It is a picture that err0r made me... a cute little picture. It means nothing.. Go get some fresh air and calm yourself down ..
  8. fiestybaby

    The Debate??

    That is true! You don't candy coat anything. You say it like it is. I respect that about you. Not always like it when you say what I don't like to hear but Id rather hear the truth then you faking.
  9. fiestybaby

    The Debate??

    Well said err0r. I couldn't of explained it better than you. It's nice to see a person who is not bias and not prejudice actually paint Buzzen out to be what I see it to be. Thank you for that.
  10. fiestybaby


    Chain! Your adorable. Seriously. lol Uhm I still haven't been invited to a chat site that has an emote about me? lol huh huh get on that would ya.
  11. fiestybaby

    Can Anyone Rember

    you could be right ozzy. However... dash (-) was not ahead of tick (') the dash was last for sure. I had box tick for along time and it was above box dash. But the box box over the box tick could be right.
  12. fiestybaby

    Can Anyone Rember

    The three hex's were [] - ' [] alone was top of the list then [] ' [] - [] [] [] [] ' [] [] - and so forth if I remember correctly. As for the url .. It was special too. I just can't remember it! We used to go for the [] to be on top of the City list. However me and Jay took what we could to have the three top rooms. Most times the Italians beat us to the []'s of any sort and we were left with - ' rooms...lol but when splits came in we got the [] alot. Was fun. Hope that helps THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE DARK ALLIANCE
  13. fiestybaby

    Happy Birthday Err0R!

    Happy Birthday Mike!!
  14. fiestybaby

    Happy Birthday err0r

    I hope it's all that you wish for and more...♥
  15. fiestybaby

    Tg007 Audio

    Wow! since 2002 I have stayed quiet on all forums til a couple days ago. I never dreamt one statement would result in a huge debate. I do not wish to debate hense why I said little about the station I am still loyal to until things change there and why I simply said thank you for the offer and went on with my day. What makes a good station? On the internet especially I feel that it boils down to the listeners. There is so many stations to chose from that the station that thrives to cater to the listener and the staff wins the listeners. NOT the stream or equipment. People come to the internet to escape the pressures of reality. To have fun and enjoy themselves. If they want news or weather or just music with no dj then can turn on their local station. Coming to the internet is different for them, or atleast my listeners. They want the one on one personal interaction with the dj when they request. I have heard time and time again "Fiesty said my name! " or the man that asked his girlfriend to marry him through a request because my show brought them together night after night until they met and started a life. Do you honestly think they care what equipment we use? or if the commercials we play are made in a stuido? No. As long as the music rocks them out and the dj makes them feel like they are important to the show and that the dj wishes them to be around. They are happy. That's all I have to say on the topic. I wish all who have radio stations the best of luck!!