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  1. TacticalThunder

    err0r Appreciation

    Oh the things I could say, but I'll be over in my corner. 😄
  2. TacticalThunder

    Hello All

    Hey Chain, good to see you too. Nice to see a couple of the long lost scripters popping up on SPCN. Batman for SPCN has also been released and looks good. Thanks for creating it Paige.
  3. TacticalThunder

    Firefox's big-bang update brings you speed and a new look

    It is faster than yesterdays version and I just started it up on SPCN and it's working good, in my opinion. I use Chrome too, but Firefox got a nice upgrade.
  4. TacticalThunder

    Sparkpea Gets A Fresh Start

    Thought you all might want to know that Sparkpea has been upgraded to IrcWX, The owner of the Domain sold it and the new server is up and running @: http://sparkpea.netIf anyone is still out there making scripts, they could use some.
  5. TacticalThunder

    Do You Think

    "You can't hold back progress no matter how much you want to." No kidding, there are too many reasons why I want the MSN OCX gone, but I'd run err0r out of bandwidth.
  6. TacticalThunder

    Do You Think

    As much as I want to move Sparkpea forward, I'm having a time finding help with a new web chat for the server. I did some digging and found this on: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2015/01/22/project-spartan-and-the-windows-10-january-preview-build.aspx Down the page a bit I found this from Microsoft. "Spartan provides compatibility with the millions of existing enterprise web sites designed for Internet Explorer. To achieve this, Spartan loads the IE11 engine for legacy enterprise web sites when needed, while using the new rendering engine for modern web sites. This approach provides both a strong compatibility guarantee for legacy enterprise web sites and a forward looking interoperable web standards promise. We recognize some enterprises have legacy web sites that use older technologies designed only for Internet Explorer, such as custom ActiveX controls and Browser Helper Objects. For these users, Internet Explorer will also be available on Windows 10. Internet Explorer will use the same dual rendering engines as Spartan, ensuring web developers can consistently target the latest web standards." I seriously want the OCX gone, and this will happen when it's supposed to happen.
  7. TacticalThunder

    Windows 10

    It got done and back at the clients, and in use again.
  8. TacticalThunder

    Windows 10

    As I type this, I'm waiting on clearance to reformat said Desktop. To top it off, Windows, as it would seem was never properly activated either. That in itself could be part of the issue. I can say, unless it was my screw up, and I had a few back then, only reason I ever had to reformat one of my computers was due to "Operator Error". I can own that, but I also learned from it. Meaning I didn't make the same mistake twice.
  9. TacticalThunder

    Windows 10

    I have a new headache, at a clients, and it's a known issue with Microsoft, Win 8.1 won't update. It runs the updates all the way through, then rolls them back because it couldn't install one update. "Update Error Code 0x80080008" Mind you, this is at a clients and it will cost them money to fix this computer. I did all the homework, and the research. None of the fixes worked that were suggested, and now the last option is to "Reformat" the computer. This is just the latest of issues I've run into with Win 8.1.
  10. TacticalThunder

    Windows 10

    Windows 10 is still a few months away. I won't be worried about Win 10 as I just rolled back a Win 8.1 to Win 7 because I got tired of the crap on Win 8.1. For me, 10 is the step-sister of 8.1. Why upgrade to another headache?
  11. TacticalThunder


    Thanks for posting it PK.
  12. TacticalThunder

    Has Chat Really Died

    Thanks err0r. Things are changing, Just a matter of time before an announcement or two are made.
  13. TacticalThunder

    Has Chat Really Died

    I know little about sparkpea but i feel their chances of getting a new "ocx" are slim to none. I can only speak for myself, but I want the OCX gone, that is what is limiting Sparkpea right now. There are things being worked on behind the scenes, and it takes time to get all the different people involved together to discuss things, but if this is supposed to work out with a new updated Chat, it will.
  14. TacticalThunder

    General Chat Networks

    We're working on it.
  15. TacticalThunder

    Phreik Chat

    Just heard about this a couple of days ago. PhreikChat had a hardware failure causing a kernel panic freeze. all website files and database were recovered. however at this stage.. ive decided to probably not continue the chat service.