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    I love the net this is were I spend most of time.
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  1. Dippy

    Server Linking Ircx & Unreal

    I have to say the linking going well Thank you PK You can come Back Johnson we miss you
  2. Dippy

    Windows 8

    windows 10 is great faster then windows 8 and has the start menu back
  3. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    ok looked into your idea about ircd shell account and made my moved $9 a month that all it cost me $9 max to 800 users but I get to 500 users I simply change to the next package which is 1000+ users but even that is only $14
  4. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    ok cool thanks I stick with anope
  5. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    got a question what you guys think of atheme or should stick with anope?
  6. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    so far I not had a dos attack but that could be because I'm a small network and worth the time or resource but if it happens then I look in to a server for irc
  7. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    well it true why waste money on something you can do yourself? is it any different to what it does on a host server? if something goes wrong on a server you not there to fix it you have to wait for it to be fix I dont see anything wrong with running it from a home computer if you got the right computer and internet?
  8. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    $300 a month :| do you run the irc server on server or run it your self? see I run it myself I have virgin media business pack which allows me 160mb download unlimited and 20mb upload unlimited and it only cost 15 pounds more then what u get on the home packages so if you include broadband around $60 to $90 which is all u need really for small network not include the $13,702 super computer lol
  9. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    that a $11 a month
  10. Dippy

    Has Chat Really Died

    $11 is all it cost me to run my site cheap as chips
  11. waiting until xbox one is cheaper and all the bugs are fix in the mean time I just go round my mates and play his lol
  12. Dippy

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    in windows 8 you should't have to install anything as windows 8 comes with it own system and by using windows app you are less likely to catch a virus or back door Trajan
  13. Dippy

    Windows 8.1

    anyone else find the 8.1 buggy?
  14. Dippy

    Roomlist Help

    ok I knocked this up but unsure how to get the rooms to the mysql <? $cat = $_GET['cat']; if ($cat == "") { include_once('pages/list-blank.php'); return; } if ($cat == "CC") { $category = "City Chats"; } else if ($cat == "CP") { $category = "Computing"; } else if ($cat == "EA") { $category = "Entertainment"; } else if ($cat == "GN") { $category = "General"; } else if ($cat == "LS") { $category = "Lifestyles"; } else if ($cat == "SP") { $category = "Spirituality"; } else if ($cat == "NW") { $category = "News"; } else if ($cat == "PR") { $category = "Peers"; } else if ($cat == "RL") { $category = "Religion"; } else if ($cat == "RP") { $category = "Roleplay"; } else if ($cat == "RM") { $category = "Romance"; } else if ($cat == "TN") { $category = "Teens"; } $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM rooms WHERE category = '$category'"); ?> <table wpgidth="2100" border="0"> <tr> <td> <? $pgid = $_GET["pgid"]; if ($pgid == "") { $pgid = "0"; } ?> <div id="tnt_pagination">Pages <span class="active_tnt_link"> <? for ($i = 0; $i < mysql_num_rows($result); $i++) { if (!strstr($i/"10", ".")) { if ($pgid != $i) { ?> <a href="?pgid=<?=$i?>"><? } ?><?=$i/"10" + 1?><? if ($pgid != $i) { ?></a><? } } } ?></span> </div> <img src="http://bumblebeechat.net/icons/earth.png"><strong>Official Groups <img src="http://bumblebeechat.net/icons/users.png">Supported Groups</strong></p></td> </tr> </table> <table style="border:1px solid #2E64FE; background-color:#E9F4FA; width:100%;"> <tr> <td align="center" width="29%"><p class="bing"><strong>Roomname</strong></p></td> <td align="center" width="60%"><p class="bing"><strong>Topic</strong></p></td> </tr> </table> <? # display pgid number links $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result); if(!$result || ($num_rows < 0)){ echo "<strong>Couldn't show you my results!</strong>"; return; } if($num_rows == 0){ echo "<strong>Couldn't find any rooms! Someone still need to create a first room!</strong>"; return; } # Display table contents */ $e = true; for($i=$pgid; $i < $pgid + "10"; $i++){ if ($i >= $num_rows) { ?> <? return; } $name = mysql_result($result,$i,"name"); $epuid = bin2hex($name); $about = mysql_result($result,$i,"about"); $level = mysql_result($result,$i,"level"); //echo $about; ?> <table width="100%"> <tr> <td width="200" style="border:1px solid #2E64FE;"><p class="bing"><?php if($level == 1) { echo "<img src='http://bumblebeechat.net/icons/earth.png' width='25' height='25'>" ; } else if($level == 2) { echo "<img src='http://bumblebeechat.net/icons/users.png' width='25' height='25'>" ; } ?></p><p class="bing"><strong><a href="chat.php?rm=<?=$name;?>"><?=$name;?></a></strong</p></td> <td width="500" style="border:1px solid #2E64FE;"><?=$about;?></td> </tr> </table> <? } ?> many thanks
  15. Dippy

    Roomlist Help

    At the moment I just got the basic that you did for me a while back with a little edit to it there no category on it yet and no I not got rooms stored on the mysql yet as I'm not sure how it done Many thanks for reply