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In Category General ircWx Posted by Winz On 02/17/19 Likes 0 Comments 0

Stripstyle Forever

This snippet is for mIRC version 7.42 and up (Since on PARSELINE), mainly for socketless connections. These two lines will remove the STYLE text from any incoming message so you can focus your attention on other things while writing your code. Main p...
In Category General IRC Posted by err0r On 11/21/11 Likes 0 Comments 0


Tags: sort err0r 
I didn't create this snippet but I find it very useful so I thought I would share it.
In Category Buzzen Posted by err0r On 09/06/10 Likes 0 Comments 0

Weather OnText 2.1

Tags: weather buzzen err0r 
This is an update to my weather script that I've had for awhile. I just noticed it in one of my scripts so I thought I would pass it on. It just includes the time as well as the weather. It will keep up with the users previous request so future reque...
In Category General IRC Posted by Jagie On 03/27/10 Likes 0 Comments 5

No red text on talking

This snippet basically stops the channels you choose, in the tree bar/switch bar from becoming the colour red, when someone talks or does /describe - /me This helps when your idling in channels and you just want the channels you regularly talk in ...
In Category General IRC Posted by Haggis On 03/02/10 Likes 0 Comments 3

show md5 hash of text

Tags: md5 text response 
a user can do for example !md5 password and the script will respond with the md5 encrypted version of password