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In Category Buzzen Posted by err0r On 01/07/16 Likes 0 Comments 0

Nick Change History Logger

Tags: buzzen err0r nick change log 
Use this snippet on Buzzen to log nickname history
In Category General IRC Posted by Jess On 02/10/11 Likes 0 Comments 11

Is Mode

Tags: Mode Themes Nicklist 
This little alias is great for getting the right prefix of a user mode depending on the server. I use it for my theme, nicklist menu, and aop.
In Category Buzzen Posted by err0r On 09/06/10 Likes 0 Comments 0

Buzzen Nick/Address Logger

This is an old nick logger that I made for buzzen. Keeps up with the last 5 nick changes. It also has custom @window to view and search entries. Feel free to use/edit/re-release this however you choose.
In Category Buzzen Posted by err0r On 02/22/10 Likes 1 Comments 3

Say my name $tip

Tags: tip name nick say err0r 
this is a simple say my name tooltip snippet using mirc's built in $tip ability && test Ok basically this checks to see if a user said your name in the room. Reason for putting it below the on text instead of in the on text area is in case you