Get the proper gatekeeper passport

In Category Buzzen Posted by err0r On 01/13/15

Use this alias to get the proper part of the buzzen passport. Sample usage would be echo -a $gaddy($nick)
alias gaddy {
  var %n $numtok($ial($1).user,46)
  if (%n isnum 1-3) { return $gettok($ial($1).user,%n,46) }
  else { return $ial($1).user }

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err0r - Monday, 11 July, 2016
you can use the alias i have above.. put the alias in your script then use ACCESS # ADD DENY $gaddy($1) 0 : $1- Added by $me
guest - Sunday, 10 July, 2016
I have been using this to get the buzzen passport. { ACCESS # ADD DENY $+(*!*, $Ial($$1).addr) 0 : $1- Added by $Me } Can anyone help me so that my silent access can get the proper passport