Stripstyle Forever

In Category General ircWx Posted by Winz On 02/17/19

This snippet is for mIRC version 7.42 and up (Since on PARSELINE), mainly for socketless connections. These two lines will remove the STYLE text from any incoming message so you can focus your attention on other things while writing your code. Main purpose is to eliminate the hassle for on TEXT in needing to use the $stripstyle alias everywhere... A generic alias stripstyle is included in the snippet in case you don't have it yet. Shoutout to the person who came up with the $stripstyle alias!
on *:PARSELINE:in:*PRIVMSG*: { .parseline -it $utfdecode($stripstyle($parseline)) | halt }
alias stripstyle { return $regsubex($1-, /\[(?:style\x20.*?|/style)\]/gi,$null) }

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