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No red text on talking

This snippet basically stops the channels you choose, in the tree bar/switch bar from becoming the colour red, when someone talks or does /describe - /me This helps when your idling in channels and you just want the channels you regularly talk in ...
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Output a random number

This snippet will allow you to generate a random number. Usage: echo -a $rand.num.pls.kthnx
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show md5 hash of text

Tags: md5 text response 
a user can do for example !md5 password and the script will respond with the md5 encrypted version of password
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Say my name $tip

Tags: tip name nick say err0r 
this is a simple say my name tooltip snippet using mirc's built in $tip ability && test Ok basically this checks to see if a user said your name in the room. Reason for putting it below the on text instead of in the on text area is in case you