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I've been working on my Zeus script and updating what I can with the recent server changes. One issue I'm having is getting my nicklist icons correct again. (male, female, male w/ pic, etc.) Is there a new way that I can retrieve that info?


This is the alias that used to work...


alias sex {
if ($2 == 1) { return $left($hget(sex,$$1),1) }
else { return $hget(sex,$$1) }
This is the alias that would place the nicklist icons correctly.
alias nicklist.ico {
if ($left($2,1) == ^) { return 1 }
elseif ($ignore(*! $+ $gate($2))) { return 13 }
elseif ($hget(sett,Tagged_ $+ $gate($2))) { return 14 }
elseif ($istok($hget(away,$1),$2,44)) { return 12 }
elseif ($ismode($1,$2,Q)) { return 2 }
elseif ($ismode($1,$2,q)) { return 3 }
elseif ($ismode($1,$2,o)) { return 4 }
elseif ($ismode($1,$2,h)) { return 5 }
elseif ($2 isvo $1 && m isincs $gettok($chan($1).mode,1,32)) { return 10 }
elseif ($sex($2) == mp) { return 7 }
elseif ($sex($2) == fp) { return 9 }
elseif ($sex($2,1) == m) { return 6 }
elseif ($sex($2,1) == f) { return 8 }
elseif (m isincs $gettok($chan($1).mode,1,32)) { return 11 }
else { return 10 }
If there is a way to make this work correctly again I would appreciate it very much and could also fix the web themed Zeus I've got. (yes, I have 2 scripts I'm working on..lol)


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in your connection you can get the sex of ppl in the room when you join using raw 353.


I tokenize my sockread for my connection so you can use if ($2 == 353) {


You will see something like this

:Buzz_IRCwxSrvPanther01 353 err0rstotle  = %#ChanName :UMPN,err0rstotle  UMPN,Eyecu UUNN,'^Bot_Info

for err0rstotle you have UMPN .. second character is the sex M for male..


You can get the part you need from there to store in your table..


next you want to get the sex for ppl that join after you.


i do that in my connection too when $2 == JOIN..


return on join would look like

:femaleuser !1.1c0d8bc.8bbb60568c4e89df0365d6c3ca21dc2e@BuzzenPassport JOIN UFPN :%#ChanName

the second character is F for female


If the sex isn't set it will be letter U for unknown


P is set if the user has a Photo

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for some reason i'm not pulling that info from the raw 353


:Buzz_IRCwxSrvPanther01 353 Žeus = %#Regulars\bComputing\bChat :'Žeus .SEC®⢠.>wrks2much @â¢Ma®©uÈ⢠danger


that's what i get in my status window


Here is my raw from the connection


elseif ($2 == 353) { if ($chr(44) isin $6) {
var %a 6, %b
while (%a <= $0) {
var %i $right($remove($gettok($gettok($1-,%a,32),1,44),:),1) , %j $remove($gettok($gettok($1-,%a,32),2,44),:)
hadd -m sex $remove(%j,`,.,@,%) $mid($remove($gettok($gettok($1-,%a,32),1,44),:),2,2)
if ($left(%j,1) isin .@%') { var %j $+($v1,$iif(%i == V,+),$mid(%j,2)) } | elseif (%i == V) { var %j $+(+,%j) }
%b = $addtok(%b,%j,32) | inc %a
lh :FlashIrcServer.1 353 $me = $5 : $+ %b
} }
else { sockwrite -n local $regsubex(%sr,/\[(?:style\x20.*?|/style)\]/gi,$null) }
so i'm thinking i'm missing something?

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you are probably not using CLIENTMODE CD1 in your sockopen connect where you auth..



u must use CLIENTMODE CD1.. but if you use CLIENTMODE CD1 you will need to edit your raw 422 in your connection to fix it for mirc nicklist

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