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  1. SEC

    Broken Remotes.mrc

    I was correct as far as how the gates were written. I had to go a different route besides using gates. remotes are working now.
  2. SEC

    Broken Remotes.mrc

    Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file. I am using your alias gaddy, but named it gate. Gates get added in this fashion... [%#Regulars\bComputing\bChat] SEC®™>f50c1f06247234890016d83d0a5685e3=Owner [%#atomic] SEC®™>f50c1f06247234890016d83d0a5685e3=Owner I'm using a .ini file for ease of editing with a link to open it in the toolbar. Remotes.mrc
  3. I'm having difficulties figuring out why my remotes.mrc file isn't working. Seems it's either in the way the gates are saved to a .ini file or read. When I type the remote command in the channel, nothing happens. I've been trying to figure this out for weeks and I'm at a loss. If someone could have a look and advise on a fix, I'd greatly appreciate it and a nod in the initial release of Zeus will of course be given. Thanks SEC®™ Remotes.mrc
  4. SEC


    oh ok.. i thought it worked differently. thanks
  5. SEC


    just discovered that the find feature in the buzzen e-roomlister isn't working. I type in a room as %#Regulars\bComputing\bChat and click find and no results come up.
  6. SEC

    Buzzen Profiles

    for some reason i'm not pulling that info from the raw 353 :Buzz_IRCwxSrvPanther01 353 Žeus = %#Regulars\bComputing\bChat :'Žeus .SEC®⢠.>wrks2much @â¢Ma®©uÈ⢠danger that's what i get in my status window Here is my raw from the connection elseif ($2 == 353) { if ($chr(44) isin $6) { var %a 6, %b while (%a <= $0) { var %i $right($remove($gettok($gettok($1-,%a,32),1,44),,1) , %j $remove($gettok($gettok($1-,%a,32),2,44), hadd -m sex $remove(%j,`,.,@,%) $mid($remove($gettok($gettok($1-,%a,32),1,44),,2,2) if ($left(%j,1) isin .@%') { var %j $+($v1,$iif(%i == V,+),$mid(%j,2)) } | elseif (%i == V) { var %j $+(+,%j) } %b = $addtok(%b,%j,32) | inc %a } lh :FlashIrcServer.1 353 $me = $5 : $+ %b } } else { sockwrite -n local $regsubex(%sr,/\[(?:style\x20.*?|/style)\]/gi,$null) } } so i'm thinking i'm missing something?
  7. SEC

    Buzzen Profiles

    I've been working on my Zeus script and updating what I can with the recent server changes. One issue I'm having is getting my nicklist icons correct again. (male, female, male w/ pic, etc.) Is there a new way that I can retrieve that info? This is the alias that used to work... alias sex { if ($2 == 1) { return $left($hget(sex,$$1),1) } else { return $hget(sex,$$1) } } This is the alias that would place the nicklist icons correctly. alias nicklist.ico { if ($left($2,1) == ^) { return 1 } elseif ($ignore(*! $+ $gate($2))) { return 13 } elseif ($hget(sett,Tagged_ $+ $gate($2))) { return 14 } elseif ($istok($hget(away,$1),$2,44)) { return 12 } elseif ($ismode($1,$2,Q)) { return 2 } elseif ($ismode($1,$2,q)) { return 3 } elseif ($ismode($1,$2,o)) { return 4 } elseif ($ismode($1,$2,h)) { return 5 } elseif ($2 isvo $1 && m isincs $gettok($chan($1).mode,1,32)) { return 10 } elseif ($sex($2) == mp) { return 7 } elseif ($sex($2) == fp) { return 9 } elseif ($sex($2,1) == m) { return 6 } elseif ($sex($2,1) == f) { return 8 } elseif (m isincs $gettok($chan($1).mode,1,32)) { return 11 } else { return 10 } } If there is a way to make this work correctly again I would appreciate it very much and could also fix the web themed Zeus I've got. (yes, I have 2 scripts I'm working on..lol)
  8. SEC


    Thanks err0r.. got it working. I'm gonna see if i can look into the code and fix mine. If i get it to work i'll post the file here. I most likely will need some assistance possibly Sunday if you or someone are around in IRCommunity Cheers bro.
  9. SEC


    I've been away from chat and scripting for a couple of years and thought I'd get back into it again. I'm having trouble with the roomlister in Zeus also, but I believe it's how it is getting the info. I've edited the code and got it to complete the poll for the channel info, but nothing populates. I'm not sure exactly what's wrong. If you could check it out for me I would appreciate it. https://ufile.io/z3i1nis where I've uploaded it to share. Thanks SEC
  10. SEC

    Issue With Xstatusbar Icons

    looking in my statusbar, I have different size icons ranging from 16x16 to 128x128 and they all display correctly. I would have to go with err0r in thinking the file path may have something to do with it. btw.. i borrowed the code for the channel info and edited it to replace the \b with $chr(32) Room: $remove($replace($active,\b,$chr(32)),$chr(35),$chr(37)) $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(40) $+ $chan($active).mode $+ $chr(41) Just looks better to me.
  11. SEC

    Need Some Coding Help Please

    I needed a $regsubex in my remotes to aid in getting it to work in my script. Not sure about Phriek as I haven't been to their chat. Just a suggestion.
  12. SEC


    Gatekeeper passports are used for authentication purposes. If your gatekeeper passport does not match the stored gatekeeper passport for your nickname, guess what.. you don't authenticate and you don't get your nickname on most servers.
  13. SEC

    Are Chat Networks Worth It?

    good thing you weren't Trav.. there are laws against that these days lmao
  14. SEC

    Are Chat Networks Worth It?

    Nathan is a "youngin" . err0r, I'm right there with ya bud at 45 . chain.. i do respect my elders..lol
  15. SEC

    The Debate??

    I've been involved with my chatroom on MSN, Buzzen, and ChatCore. I've seen all kinds of things go on, in the chat world and in real life. We all have our preferences. During my time on ChatCore as their Chat Manager, I've seen people from the "smaller" networks come on the ChatCore servers and outright DDoS us like crazy and drive our chatter base away several times. I've seen it happen on MSN and Buzzen also so it doesn't matter where you go chat.. there are always people who repeatedly display the ID10T error between the keyboard and the chair. As far as what is happening with ChatCore at this time, We are expanding our horizons in a way that will give us more recognition for our technology and will be of benefit to Buzzen also. This was not an immediate decision, there was an announcement given ahead of time. So any other chat services, regardless of how large or small they are, had an equal opportunity to contact the Admins of ChatCore and show what they had to offer. It is not our fault they didn't pay attention to what was happening.