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  1. Watch Out For Me

    Hey Aimee, congratulations!!
  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Don't know if you still come here, but in any case Happy Birthday, Nita! Hope you have a awesome one, today!!
  3. Dcx Mp3 Player

    Awesome work, Mike!! :rate: :rate:
  4. Why

    I've been helping run a gaming community called, MoonGamers for awhile, now. We have alot of servers running multiplayer games such as the upcoming Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Day of Defeat: Source, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Team Fortress 2, etc. I am a Core member there meaning I help run the administrative bits like bringing on senior admins, training them to bring on admins, make policies for our gaming servers, making sure we get donations to help run our servers, etc. It's alot of work, but very rewarding in that it helps bring our gamers the best servers possible with the best games. I don't get paid, but I didn't get paid while I was scripting, neither. I scripted, because I wanted to help bring people the best chat manager I could make that could be enjoyed by everyone. I still script at times, and am glad TG is still here. This is a great place for scripting resources.
  5. Irc.irchainscriptz.net

    Thanks, chain. Hopefully it will be back up soon. I'm planning on visiting.
  6. Is Your Hotmail Password '123456'? Not For Long

    I guess I should change mine?
  7. Sony’s sorry saga snowballs

    Exactly my thoughts.
  8. Tornado 4/27/2011

    I live in Western North Carolina. We didn't have it as bad, fortunately. I feel sorry for those that were in the storms path, though.
  9. It looks like the PlayStation network is going down the same path as Microsoft Windows, because of its popularity. Sony may have to step up security.
  10. PlayStation Network enters third day of outage

    I don't have PS2/3, but I certainly do feel sorry for those who do. Hopefully they'll have this fixed, soon.
  11. Need Help Here

    Hey Tarek. It is all dependent upon the server/network. Some require different coding from others. Such as VSixc has coding alot different from other networks. A long time ago during the age of MSN Chat I made an addon called Knock-B4-Enter. What this addon did was add deny access to *!*@* (meaning a total ban). When someone tried to join their gate would temporarily be added to grant access allowing them to be able to join the second time around. Mode +u was then removed to prevent knock flooding. They would have one minute to join before their grant access was removed. Once the joiner joined it would immediately remove the grant access from their gate which helped prevent hop flooding as well. Again, it is dependent upon your server/network you chat on. If you can go ahead, and download this addon. Then, once you find the time, see what you can do about rewriting it to work for you. You can also let us know where you chat, and we'll see what we can come up with to help.
  12. The Commodore 64 gets a reboot

    Is this for real, or has April Fools Day came late?
  13. Need Help With Code

    I tried a code like that, but it only inserts a new line with that text in it. It doesn't color for some reason.
  14. Need Help With Code

    Awesome!! I'll give it a try. Thanks again, Mike.
  15. Need Help With Code

    I've never scripted for DCX before, but I may give it a try in a future project. Maybe even rescripting what I'm working on. I wonder if DCX can do what I'm looking for? Thanks for the info, Mike.