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Merry Christmas All

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"Twas the week before Christmas, and in Canada,

Was ChainScriptz, far far away.

No stocking to hang by the chimney this year,

Instead in a bar, with a big warm beer.

Wrapped tight in a coat, with a scarf to match,

It's hard to imagine, being hot at the back of the bar,

a sip here a nut there, more sipping, plus burping.

The only thing to be pink is a big juicy chop!

In my head there'll be no need for a fire,

Over here, to be without is really rather dire!

To keep fingers and toes from turning deep blue

There's Red and white wine and cider, hot Nachos too,

Montreal is jolly, with tinkling lights galore,

Things can be quite pretty, even offshore!

While hoping for snow, we don't want it too thickly,

Cause then it turns mushy and really quite slippery!

Back home at Montreal, in your antipodal location

You will do similar to us in our Family situation

Eat drink and be merry, with a noon snooze or two,

Please help Mum with the dishes, com'on boys, that's you!

To my family, to yours as i repeat.

So I say to you, in this festive rewrite:

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"



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