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  1. Have had this for many - many years and it NEVER gets old! ;) 


    I really wanted it to be my 'avatar pic' but the size 'limit' was just under the file size... 😇

    100.352kb: is limit - was file size 105.96KiB 

     Ɯįƞʐ : try this one https://ezgif.com/resize

    Thanks Winz! 

  2. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It works! A HUGE Thanks to err0r! Seems he had already coded it in another post.. So I am good to go! /me Is doing the Happy Dance!!! Shannons69
  3. Thanks JOhnson, I looked over the code err0r provided for you and think it is easy enough to make work. Just stuck on the radio id # can't seem to find that anywhere. I will research a bit more but did want to ask if you were ever able to get it to work? Err0r, Yes, after thinking on what I had posted later on that evening, I realized my mistake in thinking that it would not work as only the conn is specially designed for each site. I really liked some of the options that the code from 'blufm' has in it. Such as showing DJ name & last 5 songs played but think that there is a lot of other stuff that is specifically designed for that site that I will not need. I am the type to try to do it myself before having to ask for anyone to help so will try a bit more to get the simple one you created to work. I will be back either way to let everyone know how I made out of course... (And give requested details if necessary.) Thanks to you both for taking your time and offering your assistance as it is greatly appreciated. Shannons69
  4. Hiya to everyone reading this, I have been in search of a snippit and was lucky enough to find it here.. (Y) https://www.tg007.net/snippets/id-58 While I have been 'using' scripts & even beta testing for many years I have not really gotten my feet wet in the coding end of it and am in need of some help. :$ It will be used on ECN and is a newly setup radio station. The snippit has Phreik all over it which I have edited for ECN. I saw that err0r so kindly gave out details for the connections but am unable to find the irc connection. That is the first thing I think I need. Looking further into the file I am thinking I just might be in over my head. The file is from 2011 and everyone that is anyone has changed from MSN's ocx to the new format and think that a lot of this is coded around the old format. Rather then going on with more questions I think it would be best for me to wait for the more intelligent members here, to at least look at it and tell me if it will still even work as intended without a major rewrite. If that is the case, a rewrite, I will just have to learn how to as I do not expect that much to be done on my behalf. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions... Sincerely, Shannons69