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  1. Alex

    MSN rooms?

    Anyone have a list of all the room names that MSN used, TheLobby etc.? Basically all public rooms that were +r. Thanks
  2. Alex

    Do You Think

    Microsoft Edge is only available within the Windows 10 Insider Preview, so just go and download that and you'll have it. Yes places like Buzzen etc. will continue to work as they just use Flash, jQuery etc. which are all standard technologies now. I have tried an old OCX website using Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 Insider Preview and it doesn't work. There really aren't that many clone websites still using the OCX so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Well, Sparkpea still uses it but who goes there anyway? Most of the other chat websites now use their own technologies just themed to look like the old OCX (BrasilChat, Buzzen, Oasiz).
  3. Alex

    Ajax + Flash Ircx Webchat

    It's not open source.
  4. Alex

    Ajax + Flash Ircx Webchat

    That is MBChat, a lot of sites use it.
  5. Alex

    What Is 2.106.4?

    Hi all, I seen some servers lately respond to /version with 2.106.4 irc Does anyone know what server this '2.106.4' actually is? I searched on TG007 and lots of mentions of this '2.106.4' in the past.
  6. Alex


    I mean PaperIRC has the problem not the OCX. If you add [%#The\bLobby] to the configuration PaperIRC makes a room called Theƅ\Lobby or something like that.
  7. Alex


    Has anyone managed to get spaces in channel names working with PaperIRC? I don't remember this being a problem, but making an official room in the config like [%#The\bLobby] doesn't seem to work (joining the webchat to RoomName="The Lobby" shows it doesn't exist.
  8. Alex


    Thanks err0r, look forward to it
  9. Alex


    Did you try using that 9 version? I put a mIRC.exe in it but there's no dialogs on anything from what I can see? Do you have a copy of 8? I remember PaperIRC being all orange with lots of dialogs etc.
  10. Alex


    lol ... I did do it right ;-) I have 3.5K chatters. I want a copy for a "look what we were like 10 years ago" thing :-) If you have a copy of Paper 8, care to upload ? btw, looking at your site, I don't think you're in any place to give advice lol j\s
  11. Alex


    Thanks err0r. I'm not sure what you found, but the ones that I found were on an old site by Paper himself but they were all the earlier versions and still in French. Really I'm looking for Paper IRC 9 or similar, I remember there used to be this website WinZero that had them all but that seems dead now. So, here's to hoping that someone has a copy ;-) Thanks, Alex
  12. Alex


    Hi, I run a chat website started in 2006. These days we use a customized IRCd server and our own webchat but for nostalgia I wanted to set up a PaperIRC server which we started out on (lol). But I can't seem to find the last copy that was ever released so I was wondering does someone have a copy that they could put up? I did find a copy, but seems it was the first ever version and all in French. Thanks, Alex