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KISScript 2.5
Keep It Simple Script
In Category Sparkpea Scripts (ircwx) Author Winz On 12/24/18
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Winz - Monday, 24 December
Thank you very much Paige! KISScript 3 I'm planning on writing some access stuff and will probably redo KISS's Control dialog for locking/unlocking props as superowner in the room control dialog. I also think since the nicklist floats, I'm going to tie in the rest of the dialogs around the nicklist and add popup menu controls... KISScript is far from finished but I'm looking forward to seeing how its going to turn out with the direction its going! Your feedback has been most appreciated!
Paige - Monday, 24 December
Wow! what a splendid piece of work- I can see where this script is going- up amongst the greats! Its unique in several ways ,especially in the nicklist handling, which is very innovative. Great stuff Winz!!