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  1. Paperirc?

    use rhx old but effective: <?php $rm = $_GET['rm']; $rhx = $_GET['rhx']; function hex2str($hex) { for($i=0;$i<strlen($hex);$i+=2) { $str.=chr(hexdec(substr($hex,$i,2))); } return $str; } $troom = hex2str($rhx); $troom = str_replace('%#', '', $troom); $troom = str_replace('\b', ' ', $troom); ?> call it in as $troom te return the original channel name with spaces, so Comedy Factory for example works instead of Comedy\bCentral.
  2. Paperirc?

    Anyone interested in selling a 20th century webchat? If so pm me with a price or in someway we can make it arrangable, ofcourse trough contract and id validation. Still havin' this dream... i think the most of you to make it succeed.
  3. Webagent

    Wasn't she already in her 40's ?
  4. Service Bot

    This is build in the servers, this can not be done client-wise.
  5. Paperirc?

    I've runned a few chats like ENTChat in the past and similar more, i've still got the files of the webpages which uses the server's msnregcookie's like it should. The server thats with it is the latest ENT Server which is a 3mb zip file without mIRC, with exclusive features. If there is any interest i would love to upload it. Bless
  6. Ok err0r i dunno what happend to my other account, I'm DJAxis (Dennii from chatcore) anyway ive started to build a new project once again... So if any clan needs hosting you can come by us http://www.clanhosted.com Let me know what you guys think of the layout and functions, b'coz i always wanna try out new things. Kind regards, Dennie (DJAxis) Kruizenga Old msn chat name Vage:[Dennie (w00t)