Google to support Chrome on Windows XP until end of this year

Windows users who still can't say goodbye to the ancient Windows XP will at least be able to browse safely the rest of the year using Google Chrome. In a blog posted on Thursday, Google Chrome director of engineering Mark Larson said the company had previously announced that support for Chrome under XP would continue at least through April. Well, that date has approached, so does that mean...
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Xbox One to add digital tuner for free OTA TV in US and Canada

After experimenting with live broadcast TV on the Xbox One in Europe, Microsoft is now bringing free over-the-air TV to users in the U.S. and Canada through a partnership with Hauppauge, which will make a TV tuner that plugs into the console. As of today, members of the Xbox One preview program in both countries can opt in on this by purchasing Hauppauge’s WinTV-955Q tuner for $80, plus an...
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Facebook releases a standalone Messenger web app

Facebook has launched a standalone Messenger app for chatting on the web outside of Facebook.com.   The move is Facebook’s attempt to create a dedicated hub for chats on the web as it incorporates many new features into the Messenger mobile app, and grows its use. Facebook users can still chat with others as they would normally do on Facebook.com. But the new web app, accessible at...
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Posted on 10/21/14
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I got sick of the way face book shoved adverts and all the other crap in my face so i built my...
Posted on 06/17/13
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Well as I had thought of possibly buying one of these new gaming systems, I am curious to know...
Posted on 05/19/13
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I am not gone or dead, I am back online lol!!! I had been on vacation for a week the end of...
Posted on 03/01/13
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Friends, Here it comes: After months of secret negotiations with the players who pushed SOPA,...
Posted on 02/20/13
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Ok i bought a new laptop a few weeks ago and have windows 8 on it. I always heard that it was...
Posted on 01/02/13
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Happy Birthday!! Hope its all you wish for and more      
Posted on 12/11/12
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Hey Guys and Girls   I have been writing a little system script and have finally got to a point...
Posted on 12/09/12
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20657939   sad stuff