Netflix Partners With Dish Network

Dish Network announced their new partnership with Netflix on Wednesday, according to Time Magazine. More from Netflix Life In the partnership, Dish will be adding the Netflix app, like you’d find in a Blu-Ray player, to their Hopper set-top boxes. Without having to change inputs or use a different remote, Dish customers will be able to watch Netflix in just one click of a button on their Dish...
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The Pirate Bay Isn't Coming Back Anytime Soon

The Pirate Bay has released a statement saying it has not yet decided whether it will come back. This is the first time the team has communicated with the public since it went down last week after police raided its data center in Sweden. “Will we reboot? We don’t know yet. But if and when we do, it’ll be with a bang,” Mr 10100100000 told TorrentFreak. “The people behind TPB are like one big...
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YouTube Is Testing An Easy GIF-Making Feature

The animated GIF is almost 30 years old, but it remains a staple of Internet humor. At long last, YouTube is testing a feature that may allow people to quickly and easily convert snippets of online videos into looping, six-second animated GIFs.YouTube hasn't officially announced this feature, but Andy Baio (@waxpancake on Twitter) spotted the option Thursday. When you click the “Share” option...
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Posted on 06/17/13
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Well as I had thought of possibly buying one of these new gaming systems, I am curious to know...
Posted on 05/19/13
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I am not gone or dead, I am back online lol!!! I had been on vacation for a week the end of...
Posted on 03/01/13
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Friends, Here it comes: After months of secret negotiations with the players who pushed SOPA,...
Posted on 02/20/13
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Ok i bought a new laptop a few weeks ago and have windows 8 on it. I always heard that it was...
Posted on 01/02/13
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Happy Birthday!! Hope its all you wish for and more      
Posted on 12/11/12
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Hey Guys and Girls   I have been writing a little system script and have finally got to a point...
Posted on 12/09/12
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Posted on 12/09/12
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Where did webagent007 end up i see she hasn't logged in for years