Netflix takes up 35% of North American Internet traffic

Video streaming subscription service Netflix takes up more than one third of downstream Internet traffic during hours of peak use, new research on the subject says.During peak hours – the times of day that subscribers use the service the most – Netflix makes up an astounding 35 percent of Internet activity in its North American markets. The data, collected from research company Sandvine,...
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Get Ready for 4K Streams From Phone to HDTV

Streaming 4K media from a smartphone to an ultra high-definition TV is now closer to reality.New devices with a USB Type-C connector will support the new MHL (mobile high-definition link) 3 specification, which includes streaming 4K video.By the end of next year, manufacturers will begin replacing current USB 3.0 ports with the next-gen USB 3.1, which doubles the transfer rate from 4.8 Gbps to...
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Ads Go Live On Mozilla's Firefox Browser

Heads up, Firefox users. Like it or not, ads are coming to your Web browser. Mozilla on Thursday announced it is now rolling out ads within the browser on the desktop and mobile. The ads will show up next to the thumbnails of the sites you frequently visit when you open a new tab. Mozilla is initially launching these sponsored tiles for two companies: CVS Health and The ads, plans...
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Posted on 06/17/13
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Well as I had thought of possibly buying one of these new gaming systems, I am curious to know...
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I am not gone or dead, I am back online lol!!! I had been on vacation for a week the end of...
Posted on 03/01/13
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Friends, Here it comes: After months of secret negotiations with the players who pushed SOPA,...
Posted on 02/20/13
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Ok i bought a new laptop a few weeks ago and have windows 8 on it. I always heard that it was...
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Happy Birthday!! Hope its all you wish for and more      
Posted on 12/11/12
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Hey Guys and Girls   I have been writing a little system script and have finally got to a point...
Posted on 12/09/12
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Posted on 12/09/12
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Where did webagent007 end up i see she hasn't logged in for years