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Just wanted to post a couple of shots to see what every one thought?


I am still chasing some irc coders and some one to build/share a decent chat system. I am also seeking active members if any one is interested to join, We are always open to suggestions and i do welcome constructive criticism.






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:oops: Can I say this and yes iv seen some of your answers to other topics ... you say that you helped Pk with his site and to be honest that is what this looks like :mellow: its been said a few times on here you have to pay to make your way <bcry> nothing is free anymore ... as for a someone to construct a chat network you seem to be makes some progress and I can only wish you all the luck in the world :D

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lmao my site uses compleatly different tech to what PK's site does... I also did say i helped him with his site, he was running a bits a site when i come along and converted it to phpfox for him, he was happy with the results and is still using it. I on the other hand got the shits with it and changed. I am using something FAR better than phpfox now and have many updates yet to do. Your right you have to pay your way to get any where. That is why i paid almost $1000 aus for the rights to use the cms unlike some, as well as that i have also switched back to using the ircx i paid almost $1000 for way back when. Yes i am making head way with the chat side of things but if i dont like it i know no one else will Plus the fact the site allows unicode and the chat does not, meaning at the moment people have to change nicks to be able to join chat "how annoying". I am asking for a developer yes but i do not expect somthing for nothing and have maintained that i was always willing to discuss payment. I have spent quit alot on this site already as im sure most of you have on your own, and if all else fails i will look for a solution that could cost me $2000 aus just to get a decent chat. Though i have to admit im not entirely happy with that idea due to the fact id be giving up ircx/ircd all together. You see i am not building a chat site as such but i think my requests fall on deff ears as most "chat site" owners take offence to new "chat sites " opening. Like stated my site is not a chat site as such but i would like to offer chat.




It actually saddens me to think that you guys may think i ripped pks site, this is the thanks i get for helping some one out.


a bit of food for thought......

I was using phpfox long before PK's site.

And Cside Network has been around for a while.. before that it was CsideChat. Before that it was TagFM and so on....

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