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mIRC Korona v15.2 (Build: 299)
mIRC Korona v15.2 (Build: 299)
In Category Scripts Full (IRC) Author Loveness\Sash (Korona) On 02/06/19
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Loveness - Friday, 8 February
08.02.2019 > mIRC 7.55 (from 7.54) update for mIRC Korona v15.21: Updated internal mIRC.exe from 7.54 to 7.55 version! Those who have installed mIRC Korona 15.21 already with the old mIRC 7.54 version, the script will download the update itself (of course, if you accept the download). The Download link of the installer is updated with the new install that is already updated with 7.55 version!
Loveness - Wednesday, 6 February
What's fixed in 15.21 (in comparison with 15.2): - [FIX] Fixed a forgotten temporarily modify that caused channel,query and status bars to not be updated when a window is changed in size.