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Secure logon to Windows when booting a PC is a common security measure that automatically turns on when a user logs into the OS of their Microsoft account. Its use in Windows 10 makes available in the system many convenient cloud technologies, including the application store and the cloud storage OneDrive.

However, logging in through an account with a password can be very annoying by the frequent entering of a password, especially if it is done daily on a home PC. However, most users do not know how to disable the login with a password. And various tips and tricks with the deactivation of this option may even lead to the fact that the system can not be logged in, even with the administrator's password.

How to be, if you lost your password or at your disposal entered a tablet or laptop with a disabled account by default? Changing the password for a Microsoft account in this case will not help, because it is the Windows login that is blocked.

There are clever ways to reset the password using the Windows 10 startup disk and substitution of system files, but this is beyond the power of many simple users, especially since most simply do not have a boot disk, and many laptops are supplied without a DVD drive.

a special utility Windows Password Key, which will not only reset the Windows password, but even replace it. The program is paid - from 1315 to 4600 rubles., (Depending on the version, the differences can be viewed from this link), but in emergency cases it is difficult to find an alternative to it.

How do I reset my Windows password?

After downloading and launching the program, you will be prompted to create a bootable CD / DVD or USB flash drive. It is better to do this in advance on your PC, or (in case your PC is locked) on your friend's computer.

After the boot disk or flash drive is created, you can start resetting the password. To do this, you need to insert a disk or USB flash drive into the PC, restart the computer (pressing F2 or F12 at boot, you will enter the boot drive selection menu - specify USB or CD).

Next, the password reset wizard starts, in which you must specify the system drive and the account for which you want to reset the password. After the procedure is complete, leave the wizard and restart the PC. Windows will boot without a password entry procedure.

The manufacturer also offers the Ultimate version of its product, which besides the reset also allows you to immediately set a new password to log in, delete the administrator account and create a new administrator account.

In addition, it can create bootable media with an extended set of functions, among which there are tools for checking the PC for performance bottlenecks, for cleaning disks and registry from unnecessary files and records, defragmenting the disk and registry, configuring the system, monitoring it , as well as the removal of personal data discs.

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