Google One Is Now Open for Everyone, But Is It a Good Deal?

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Google launched its new “Google One” cloud storage plans back in May and started rolling its paid storage customers over to the new service. Today, Google is opening up Google One for new U.S. customers. Here’s what you get and how Google’s new cloud storage offerings stack up against the competition.

Google One: Way better than older Google Drive storage plans

Let’s talk storage. Here’s how Google One changes up what the company previously offered for Google Drive:

  •     15GB: Still free. Keep going crazy.
  •     100GB: $2/mo
  •     200GB: $3/mo (new!)
  •     1TB: $10/mo (gone!)
  •     2TB: $20/mo $10/mo
  •     10TB: $100/mo
  •     20TB: $200/mo
  •     30TB: $300/mo

In addition to that, Google One subscribers can share their storage allotment with up to five family members—or roommates, if you want to go that route, so long as one person doesn’t mind being responsible for the bill. (And, no, the account owner won’t be able to see or access files that “family” members store on the cloud).

Google One subscribers also get access to dedicated customer service from Google, which they can call up and pepper with questions about any Google service they’re struggling with. If you’re the tech resource for members of your family, spending $24 a year to give them the cheapest Google One plan—and someone else to bother with questions about their Gmail accounts—might be worth it.

On top of that, Google is also dropping in special “perks” for Google One subscribers—whether you’re a $2/month customer or $300/month customer—that include hotel discounts and Google Play credits. Google representatives said that Google One customers will enjoy more more perks going forward, but didn’t have specifics to share.

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