HP said that nearly 500 different laptop models have a dangerous bug that can record everything you type

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A security researcher discovered a vulnerability in a common piece of software that comes pre-installed on several laptop brands and models.


This specific bug was discovered in the Synaptics software that controls keyboard and trackpad inputs on 460 different HP laptop models, including various versions of the HP Pavilion, the HP EliteBook and the HP ProBook.


The bug is referred to as a "keylogger," which can record your keystrokes. A keylogger can be dangerous in the hands of a hacker, as it can record and send your keystrokes to potentially reveal sensitive information, like your passwords.


Thankfully, the keylogger in the Synaptics software on HP laptops is disabled by default, and a hacker would need a laptop's administrative rights to enable it. That means a hacker would need physical access to an affected HP laptop to enable the keylogger.

"Neither Synaptics nor HP has access to customer data as a result of this issue," HP said on its support page.


Still, it's worth covering all your bases and taking action. HP has issued a list of the affected laptop models, as well as software updates to install and fix the bug. If you don't know your HP laptop's model, you can check for a sticker underneath the laptop that might contain the model number.


It was not immediately clear whether the bug was due to a flaw in Synaptics' software or in the way that the Synaptics technology was integrated into HP laptops.


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